DJI Mavic Pro Platinum! Initial Impressions and First Flight! Drone Flight Friday!


The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum! Today we’re going to talk about my initial impressions and do a first flight! I may be eating my words after this video because I’m quite taken with this drone….


  1. I really don't like this video. I have been in the market for a drone. Was looking at the Bebop2 Power for it's capabilities (Plotting waypoint on the tablet or phone without having to preflight the route)Then I looked at the DJI Spark, great drone but 15 minute flight time was not making me happy.(and the waypoints) Then my buddy told me to start looking at the Mavic Pro. I was at first nope nope nope not going to spend that type of money on my first major drone. Then a couple days later I convinced myself ok might as well go big or go home. Then I start researching the Mavic, again the waypoint feature just needs to be improved so you can plot them on your tablet or phone and the drone flies it afterwards. Then I saw this video and was like damnit man an upgraded version. Go big or go home is my motto. So now I am looking at the Platinum. Maybe I can get DJI to donate me one. LOL Anyhow, No thanks to you I have scratched the spark off the list and after research see the price difference for the Mavic Pro and the Platinum is only a couple hundred bucks, so Now a Platinum may be my first drone here soon.
    Gerat videos keep it up, very informative and wallet draining. LOL

  2. It is incredible that mavic pro platinium is heard lees.I thought that the spark was silent wached and listening to your video the spark is heard too compared to the mavic pro platinium.I was about to buy the spark precisely looking for it to sound less than a mavic this video makes me switch to the mavic pro platinium.I have a phantom pro plus.We are in 2018 I will wait 2 weeks to see that dji will do since he has a presentation soon if he makes a phantom 5 that can transport easier whith the phantom 5 otherwise I will go with mavic if they announce a mavic 2 me hire by the mavic.What Im looking for is that its ease to transport.

  3. So basically you can get a mavic pro and just buy the new propellers and get almost the same experience, only that the battery it comes with can hold charge for 3 min longer

  4. Just imagine when DJI releases a stealth drone. You just know the military already has them and I’m sure they produce nothing more than a whisper.

    Then regulations and penalties for improper drone flights are going to go through the roof.

    Oh yea, and that Spark screams. Is annoying as all hell.

  5. Couldn't agree more. I just got mine delivered today. I really didn't know what to expect and I can tell you I was shocked at how quiet it really is. The thing is stealth quiet. No way you could hear it over a leaf-blower a block away when you are sitting 10 feet away. I'm tickled Platinum!

  6. IMHO it's not so much the loudness of the Platinum as it is the pitch. Spark and probably the Pro seem much more of a high-pitched whine while the Platinum seems to have more of a bass, throaty sound, hence less annoying. Good comp though.

  7. I bought the Spark a few months back and sold my Mavic as basically the Spark replaced it – whilst the Spark is good I have come to regret my decision. The Platinum looks a lot cooler than the previous Mavic and the FOC ESC’s with new props reducing motor noise by 60% with an added 3 minutes per battery to increase total flight range to over 9 miles is impressive so yeah, placed my order with DJI, payment confirmed and now waiting for it to ship probably late November (live in London, England). Great review and pleased to see quick shots have been added – Helix looks a lot smoother on the MPP – as to be expected with a 3 axis gimbal. When you do your full review of the MPP can you please include filming 1080p at 60fps as many are saying on the DJI forum that the MPP has an upgraded chip in the camera too but nothing official from DJI. Sub’d!

  8. Can't Freakin' WAIT to get the MPP! It'll be a big step up from my Spark. Thanks for the review. Subbed and liked. If you get time check out my Spark vids. I'd love some feedback. Thanks dude.


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