DJI Mavic Pro Livestream From Aircraft – Drone, Quadcopter, UAS


I take my DJI Mavic Pro drone for a recreational flight & live stream the camera feed via my iPhone 7. This content is released under a Creative Commons license and is not for profit. Any ads…


  1. I know this is a little late. like 7 months but have you considered trying FPV on the Mavic pro? love to see a video on that.. see if you can get the HTC Vive or Oculus to work.

  2. do you guys think that it would be able to put mini weapons on these drone to battle in a tournament area? what I'm going for is like old TV show where you would battle your robot against other teams. now I don't know what kind of weapons but just starting a conversation

  3. Great vid! Nice quad.. Careful guys about filming neighbors.. especially filming them in their back yards which is illegal where I am. Don't be part of the community of jerks that gets the regs dialed up so tight that it's hard to be able to use them anymore. There's always a few a**holes that have to run things for everyone else. Don't be one of em…

  4. "I also always had sight of the aircraft even when it was on the other side the house and had spotters in place."

    5:38 You said "with no vision" and there is no spotter to see there.

    That neighbor walking her dog consented?

  5. Just imagine what the Military has if this is only 1Grand… Omfg.. They could have a 50G priced Drone with damn near 120mph speed with a mounted Gun on it.. Wtf. Mind blown. With ultra 4K quality 120frames.. Omg.


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