DJI Mavic Pro Drone Photography | Landscape Photography


A day exploring Matka Canyon in Macedonia this time by land rather than on a kayak. The hardest thing to express when photographing this Canyon is the scale …


  1. Great vlog again Matthew with some beautiful images. Must have been quite a hike down the gorge. I'm curious about the rest of your images. Will you post them on Instagram? Have a great weekend. Cheers from the Netherlands.

  2. What do you shoot your b on in this vlog. Love the way you stick it all together I have just bought a Canon M50 waiting for it to come

    I like to carry my camera but don’t now. May just have to start. 7 hours would only be 4 if you did not b role walking back and forth lol

  3. Really enjoy your videos. Thanks a lot! Is it possible, though, that something‘s wrong with your website? Tried to go there a few times but it never worked. Apologies if this has been asked before.

  4. The music at 59 sec in I thought you were about to pay homage to Skippy with the banjo music.

    Seriously Matthew, you worked hard again to bring back some great images. The drone image really showed the enormity of the area you were in. As for the drone issue, you never finished the story….so what happened. Great episode Matthew


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