DJI Mavic Pro Drone: Is it Worth it?


Today we do a full review of the Mavic Pro. Is it worth it? I recently got my hands on one of these little drones, and I have been flying it frequently over the past …


  1. I got one and did my maiden flight today. I was scared butย its a real rush.ย The return to home feature is very comforting. fantastic bit of kit, look around the internet they are getting cheaper. if you want to treat yourself buy one!!ย this is by far the best drone out there at the moment. best fun you can have with your clothes on ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am ordering one bran new from dji.
    Got a few questions if you can help please.
    1 Does it really last 27 minutes.
    2 how long does it take to charge up a batterie.
    3 what's the best time to hit return to home on a windy day if it has to fly to home against the wind on a slandered windy day.
    4 do you know how much it can lift as I wanna use it for Halloween props.
    5 what's the furthest you have flown it as I here it does 3 miles.
    6 would you say it's better at flying then the p4.
    From Guilio.

  3. Had to stop watching,,,,, I wanted a review not a poxy MUSIC VID !!! …………….. WTF is it with you guys and the shitty B movie music you all have to play in the back ground ??? ……………. do a fucking review without music and maybe you will be more professional………………………… shit vid

  4. Most of the other reviews I've read say that if you up the sharpening setting to +1, the noise compressor turns off and the footage looks much better.

    On the blown out sky issue… Get yourself a few good ND filters for it and the problem is solved. Shooting in bright sunlight is challenging for any camera to get a good sky properly exposed with the landscape.

  5. This drone sucks, when i first got, it wouldnt do anything. It only started working once i put the propellers in. THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROPELLERS INSTALLED.

  6. Great review! Yeah, on the tilted horizon issue, my Inspire 1 is guilty of the same thing. Calibration helps but it crops up at least half the time. Easily fixed in post but annoying.

  7. quick question
    how loud is the internal fans on your mavic ?
    it's my first drone and I really find the fans very loud and I'm not sure if my unit is faulty or not.
    the bottom of the drone gets really hot very quick as well.
    can you pls let me know if it's normal or not pls

  8. DJI customer service sucks!!! You all better hope your drones a perfect and don't have to send then back! They'll also forget to send your battery back because they're a bunch of incompetent fools!!

  9. I spent half an hour working out how to turn on the remote and the drone.
    If you have this problem here is the solution:
    Press the power button once, release then quickly press again and hold down for a couple of seconds.
    Sure it's in the manual but I didn't notice it and neither did any of my friends.


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