DJI Mavic Pro: Drone flying in India


Shot entirely on DJI Mavic Pro on a single charge in Maharashtra, India. Music: Monday morning 3 A.M. @nop


  1. please tell me where will i get a gopro karma.. or dji mavic pro.. i have refered to many sites.. but still dint get any options.. i dont want to buy online.. soo olease oblige me..

  2. Hey Sourabh,
    My friend's planning on bringing my new Mavic Pro from the US, It would be nice if you could say how much you paid for customs and I heard that you can't import drones into India, Also you got any tips for bringing it in? Thanks for taking the times to read and hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Hey nice video.

    I presume you got this from USA, did you have any issue with customs?
    Did you dismantle this before clearing the customs ? Incase you paid customs how much did you pay?
    Can you please let me the complete process of getting this when you reached the Indian Airport ?


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