DJI Mavic Pro 2 Why You Should Wait


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  1. Yes I think there's one thing you're missing one big thing IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO COST ABOUT $1,500!!

    Then people will still have a decision to make! Are you going to spend 800 / 900 dollars on the mavic pro or $1,500 on the mavic Pro 2.

    The numbers may be a little bit off but they will be a 500 to $700 difference!!

    then the MAVIC PRO or the MAVIC AIR will still be a better buy for the price!!!

    OF COURSE THEY CAN THROW US A LOOP AND DISCONTINUE THE MAVIC PRO.. but I don't think so right away especially if the Magic Pro 2 is very expensive..

  2. Great video Bill as always. My self I already own the P4P obsidian variety and do want to add another drone to my collection. Since already owning a drone I feel I can spare a little time to see if they do indeed bring out a Mavic v2, but I understand someone wanting to venture out in the world of drones should get the Mavic pro as this is an amazing machine.

  3. Thanks for your comments and your opinions.
    Hard for me to take this one lightly though,
    In one of your last videos you were talking about the Autel Evo and your opinion was to buy a quad now and get up and flying, do not wait.
    But now you are saying with a DJI product, is to wait…
    How come its okay to wait for a DJI but not for the Autel?
    I understand it is only your opinion but am somewhat confused on the complete opposite opinions.

  4. Nice video, I think for those that don’t want to wait for the Evo or Mavic Pro 2 the Mavic Air is a wonderful craft and will fill the needs for most of us hobbyists. I would rather buy what we know then wait for the unknown. When I first bought my Mavic Pro besides waiting 3 months it took several firmware updates to get the kinks out. Mavic Air has preformed flawless and I fly it almost every day. Thanks for your good work!!!

  5. I think dji are waiting to see all the specs etc on autel evo to make sure they make their better and wouldn't take long to make too. but hey that's just my opinion keep up the good work bill

  6. YA know bill I don't know if I'm with you on this buddy, ya autel is a day late and a dollar short BUT THEY Have something and spec's , DJI is ALL rumors we don't know any proof  IF AND ONLY IF THERES ACTUALLY SOMETHING ON THE TABLE. or DJI is sitting on this one waiting till autel lets the evo and DJI will up em to kill the evo.

  7. I think DJI is the Apple of the Drone industry, and I don't think they really worry too much about what any competitors may or may not release. And if they did they would release their product first and take wind out of the sails of the competitions product.

  8. Interesting insights Bill. But another disclaimer should have been if your already own a current DJI drone, than this is my advice. I know you live in Florida, and have a long flying season, but for people who live in New Jersey, like I do, and don't own a drone, don't let summer pass you by waiting for a product that hasn't even been announced yet. Go buy yourself a Spark, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air or P4P, and have fun capturing some beautiful video and images. And worry about the Mavic Pro 2 when it actually arrives and is available for same week delivery. Happy flying everyone.

  9. Hi Bill, I have a P4P and love it. Do you really honestly think Autel or DJI will get something out before summer. I think this competition battle is discouraging of who will come out first and many are tired of waiting including myself. Wanting a compact type drone for a trip to Alaska in Aug and irregardless, something that flies will be coming.Thought of the Mavic Air, but don't want to settle for just anything. I sure hope your guess and many others are right that it will be soon.

  10. I find this advice interesting and I’d like to understand your thought process more. With the Autel Evo most likely being released this month it seems you are advising to pass on that and hold out for a Mavic Pro II (which seams to only be a fan led product since DJI has said nothing, released nothing). Why advise to to wait for who knows how long for a product we don’t know anything about when there are great drones out there now and the Autel Evo just about here? As a drone fan I’d recommend getting one now to keep the industry going instead of stalling growth on speculative hopes.

  11. I'm tired of waiting, I got a Mavic Platinum. I will look at the Mavic 2 spec's to see if it's worth buying. As for the EVO I can not see why a Mavic Pro owner would buy one, from what I read the best it can offer is as a long range Mavic Air, both drones are inferior to the Mavic Pro, let alone the Mavic 2.

  12. Hi Bill. I think DJI and Autel are playing a game of cat and mouse, that could turn into a Mexican stand off. I hope I am wrong, as I think DJI are so far ahead in the market place, as to not need play games with its competitors, I am sure whatever DJI release will once again amaze us all, and technologically blow the competition away. I hope Autel do release Evo soon, as it does look a promising drone, and really don't know why they haven't yet, as it has been several months since it was announced. I think that was a poor judgment on their part. I know why the did it, to test the water and try and create interest but it has given DJI time to step back for a while, as the Evo, at the time of it's release had nothing to beat even the basic Mavic, let alone the pro and platinum versions. Autel were talking about fitting a one inch sensor to their camera but so far no sign of that happening. I think any drone business has to forget DJI at the moment, and just produce drones they feel they can sell and make a profit on. As long as they don't screw up like Karma did, and the price is right, then they are in with a chance of grabbing back some of the market share DJI has.

  13. Waiting is fine if you already have a craft that you can fly. If you don’t have a craft then why wait and lose out on flying through the summer? I have always thought the most logical time for the release of an MP2 from a product lifecycle perspective is Autumn 2018.

  14. I predict The Mavic Pro II will be a scaled up version of the Mavic Air. There is a Mavic Pro body made for the Phantom 3 Standard with foldable arms which you can upgrade to. I think that will be a clue as to what it will look like when it arrives late this year like the Mavic Pro did in 2016.


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