DJI Mavic Pro 2 Survey


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  1. Big question for all: If the Mavic Pro-II is given the Phantom 4 Pro-II's 1inch-type sensor, Mechanical shutter, variable iris and new OcuSync dual band radio, can anybody tell me one reason to still but a Phantom 4 Pro-II? One single reason? Anything? From what I can see, this new Mavic Pro-II completely erases the existence of the Phantom 4 Pro-II in every single way. The entire product line is literally dead now.

  2. As for the survey, mine nor any other's survey answers really doesn't matter. I take a "wait'n see" approach and determine whether I purchase a Mavic 2 based on those who will own and upload their videos and comments on their new purchase. I do not base my purchase on one professional review or reviewer's comments, but by the public's perception of their experiences with this new drone. I want to make sure the bugs are taken care of before my purchase.


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