DJI Mavic Air VS DJI Spark! What’s the BEST BEGINNERS DRONE YOU can buy?!


Check out my gear on Kit: The DJI Mavic Air vs the DJI Spark. Both are amazing drones in their own right but what is the best …


  1. I'm thinking of getting the Spark, It looks such a good drone, I recently had the Phantom 4 but sold it as it's too big for what I need so it looks like the Spark is the next one on the list for me.

  2. I have a mavic Air and a spark and both are great but I make videos and show footage and family dinners and events and they don’t even notice so even if u are making YouTube videos or anything I’d say it’s your budget is your limit if you just want most bang for buck go with spark especially if you don’t know how you’d use it, if you know your love a drone and use it a lot for a YouTube channel I’d say mavic cause it will be better in the long run and won’t need to be upgraded

  3. Ni. It is a great video!!
    I have a DJI Tello and a I would like upgrade and I dont know with of those are better for me. I am learning to edit videos. However I like the slow motions in to the final videos and I dont know if I can do it with the Spark. Thanks you very much from Austin.

  4. Crashed my Spark into a creek right by my house and it sat there for a week while I waited for the water level to recede(couldn't see it under the muddy water)…. I dried it all out and the next day it took a couple tries, but it is actually up and flying again!!! I'm still amazed. There is mud on it and the propellers, but it is still functioning for now… It did ruin a battery though. We'll see how long it lasts, but I really enjoy it a ton

  5. I am a senior citizen, on a fixed income who wants to have fun with grandkids (and the kid in me). So for me, for now it is all about flying & cost (my dreams are free) and it has to be the Ryze Tello. I dream of both the Spark and Air so once the financial situation improves, either/or!. Thanks for your channel and the great videos..

  6. My first drone was a phantom 4 pro and unfortunately only after one flight I sold it because I’m now ill and can’t go out. just got the tello drone to fly indoors but I not used it yet got that before Christmas, I got it up but is not the same obviously so is back in the box, with all the others smaller drone.
    I’m going to see a specialist at the hospital in February hope is a good news and I could be fixed and back flying.
    Happy new year
    Before I go I enjoyed your video thanks for your input
    Also would you recommend to use one of this two drones indoors?

  7. I think Mavic Air makes sense if someone wants to get a drone that works as an entry into droning and doesn't want to have to spend the cash again to trade up later. I also like the 4K and more collision sensors.

  8. The Spark was my first now I have the p4p. I got because of the price plus I got the p4p v2.0 for 800!
    Edit: I bought the p4p v2.0 used it was only taken out of the box… how good of a deal was that.

  9. The Spark makes more sense to start with . The Mavic Air costs double . Next jump for me would be Mavic Pro 2 . Actually , I think starting with a Bugs 3 or Bugs 2 is a good idea.

  10. Having owned both, the Mavic Air is my choice 🙂 The extra collision avoidance would have saved my Spark, which ended up at the bottom of a channel of water LOL. Great videos, buddy, keep em going!

  11. Thank you so much for the info. My first was the Phantom 3 and I loved it, but I wanted a more portable unit. I've been going back and forth on these two. I'm using it for business and personal pics/videos. Cost is not really a factor in my decision, so I'm thinking the Air is the winner.

  12. My first drone was the dji phantom 3 standard. Like u said it gave me a taste of what dji could do. I loved that drone it gave me 2.7k and it was amazing going from some little Walmart drone to this. Then I realized it go to big. Going to the beach and brining that that limited me to only bring the drone I couldn’t care much more so I upgraded to the spark. Probably the best move. Yes I lost some image quality but it gave me so much more options to do what I wanted and then u can upres to 4K. Now I have the Mavic 2 zoom. Probably one of the best dji drones. Yes it doesn’t have a Hasselblad one inch sensor but I’m 16 years old I don’t need “the best” I think having that zoom feature is amazing. Personally I don’t fly at night so the low light just wasn’t for me. It takes amazing sunset video not as good as the 2 pro but still useable in films and such. I’m yet to still buy the mavic air to try it. The only reason I went for the new Mavic was for the range cause the cameras are pretty much the same with the 1 2/3 inch sensors and the 100 bitrate the air and 2 zoom are very similar. I hoped this helped anyone looking for there drone

  13. I started with a P3S. I wanted something decent to start with. Now I'm getting a Spark for a more portable platform, getting tired of lugging the Phantom around while hiking. I still really like my P3S. The Mavic air is pretty nice, I have a friend with one. I also like the sports mode quite a bit.

  14. My first drone was a $20.00 toy,just to get a feel of flying, and learn a few basics…5 minute fly time wasn't very educational…now I'm a year into the Spark and enjoying it very much, though I am honing for a Mavic Air mostly for flight time and 4K…eyeballing the 4 battery flymore package…something to dream for…


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