DJI Mavic Air – Tips for NIGHT Drone Photography


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  1. I am going to give you 3 more tips: 1.- Play with the color temperature. 2.- Expose for the highlites. 3.- Never take just one shot of one subject: once you have your drone positioned, take at least 3 exposures of the same. I invite you to see my night pictures in my Instagram; @carlosreadfotografia thanks for the video!

  2. I just tried to take some long exposure night photos of the interstate by my house and was unsuccessful with my Mavic Air. Settings: iso-100, shutter 1 second and 2 seconds. Both cause a strange "jitter" to the light trails. They didn't turn out smooth like these. Any suggestions on why this happened?

  3. Looks GREAT! I'm experimenting with ISO to get a little better night shots, as well as the exposure compensation on the drone. I'll see if I can send you some shots that I got on Instagram 🙂

  4. Hey man great job love the content love the work. Please take five seconds and check my channel out I’m new and could definitely use your help. I subscribe going to check on Morton content now thanks again

  5. Hi, I a,m a new pilot.

    I thought tripod mode is more for sensitivity control of your drone from your controller and doesn’t mean it keep the drone more stable.

    There is no reason to set it to tripod mode for night shot as long as the windy is not too strong…

    Thanks to clarify..

  6. Hi Mike,
    just one – as I feel – important hint: Fly your drone at night with one ore two strobe light flash beacons in order to find it in the sky once you lost track of it. Even better and where I live (in Germany) even mandatory (plus a special permit) are three lights (left: Red, Right: Green, Back: White, just as every airplane has to have it. A manufacturer of these small bright LEDs is Firehouse Technology. They come with a small battery attached to it to be charged by an USB connection. They are only 18 to 22 $US each or so.
    Reinhard, Hamburg, Germany

  7. Mike, I think I’ve experienced every situation you mentioned in your tips as a negative during night flying, especially wind and the long exposure issue. I’d love to know how many minutes of flying and filming it took to get to your end results you published. Awesome tutorial as usual.


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