DJI Mavic Air Review – So Worth IT!


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  1. Good morning,
    thanks for this video, too bad we're not learning anything new…
    notably on the DJIgo 4 application which only works correctly under Apple OS… leaving millions of Android users on the sidelines.
    I have a Samsung A5 2016, the salesman at Darty told me in this case, better not buy this drone. (1049 Euros)… it leaves dreamer…

  2. Just fyi, my friend and i both have airs, and both flew them out past 7,400 feet (1.5 miles). When we turned around, we still had a good signal. He used 2.4, I used 5.8. If you have no obstructions in between the controller and drone, and not a lot of buildings/wifi pollution around, these things can go further than you'd ever need.

  3. you should annotate your video, i've seen multiple people get >2.5 miles, one almost hit 3. and neither had less than 2 bars left or any video/signal loss. they only reason either didn't go farther was because the battery wouldn't be able to get em back.

  4. I laugh so much at us Quad (England's English, although it won't be long before the American 'Drone' takes over. Sigh! Lol. ) users. One of the first things we ever want to do is the most stupid thing we should be doing. Flying over water. I know, ever since man has sat on a beast and saw the horizon from that elevated mode of transport he has always wanted to chase that horizon. Especially over water, it's just more beautiful with its reflection of light and it's inexesability. Especially for you folks in America and Canada, you have biiiiig in land water. It's just a musing of mine that our brain in this case has not changed since a man sat on a horse a very long time ago. Thanks for the video.

  5. Holy crap. How do you talk that fast without breathing. And you said so worth it but were totally negative throughout the video. Seems like you know your stuff, but that video was hard to watch. Slow down, act like not everybody watching is a photography vet and title your vids better. This seemed like a negative review.

  6. Hi Everyone! I've been considering purchasing a drone for quite some time now. My budget is somewhat limited, and therefore the air seemed like a good option for me. I've been browsing YouTube and the internet for some time now, to hear peoples opinions on the air, especially in comparison to other drones of somewhat similar pricepoint, fx. the mavic pro, or a used phantom 4. EVERYONE HAS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE DAMN DRONE!!! It's hella confusing. Some say that the mavic pro produces a slightly sharper image than the air, yet others ( claim that the mavic pro's picture is rather soft, especially in the shadows. Wich of the three following drones (mavic air, phantom 4, and mavic pro) has the best dynamic range, low light performance, and retains the most REAL detail. Can anyone help me out? Would be hugely appreciated. Cheers!


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