DJI Mavic Air Preview


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  1. The main reason why I would prefer the Spark or the Air against the Mavick Pro is the weight. The authorities established so called No-Fly-Zones 5km around every airport for drones between 0.5kg – 30kg. If the dron is below this weight, you only have to take care of natural preservation areas. All drone manufacturers are currently driven by this regulations because it get's adopted in whole europe. Otherwise your drone is not competitive on the market as you loose all those non-professional drone customers.

  2. The introduction of the Mavic Air means that if the Mavic Pro is to survive, it will require a significant camera upgrade, 1" sensor? The Mavic Pro is also due for significant software upgrades and a gimbal redesign. What all this would mean for the Phantom Pro 4 is hard to say.

  3. Sorry to disagree with you, this will kill the spark yes, but that really is not saying much is it ? But is no way close to killing the Mavic pro, for one it uses WiFi rather than the ocusync platform which cuts your range . DJI says its faster in sport mode, but with a 21 min flight time in optimal environments that will cut your flight time down to about 12 min if you like to go fast all the time, its slower in normal mode than the mavic pro . I like to think that this is just a mix of the phantom 4 and mavic pro and and the crappy lil toy drone spark. The camera is better only by only the tiniest bit and is not worth the extra purchase to a Mavic pro owner , now if you only had the spark , I would say yes go ahead and go out and get one if you couldn't afford the Mavic Pro . Just my opinion

  4. I fear a lot of disappointed people very soon from all these reviews that have really bigged up this little drone in the first few days of pre-order. The DJI Mavic Forum is going to explode even more with the infestation of Air topics once the flights begin.

  5. I don't see a point upgrading from a Mavic Pro to the Mavic Air. The image quality is so negligible and with a reduce in flight time.. Not a good trade off for slightly better 4k. Its smaller sure.. But the size of the Mavic Pro isn't a problem for me.

  6. Hi Tony, I'm an astrophotographer that loves shoot moonrising and sets but seems that drone brands do not look at zoom cameras on their drones!!! Do you know any affordable drone that have at least a 100mm equivalent camera?

  7. While I think this is an interesting step "forward", I think they priced it too high…at least initially.  Best I can figure, they priced it VERY close to the Mavic Pro to minimize cannibalization of the Pro.  The other thing I'm trying to figure out is what market they are aiming at.  Is it the consumer market?  Certainly not the pro market.  My guess is they will see how it sells and adjust pricing accordingly.  I love the idea of the internal storage.  Can you save to the internal storage at the same time as the sd card?  I also like the new gimbal design. I'm wondering if the shorter flight time will be an issue, especially when considering their posted flight times are not really "real world" and are typically exaggerated. I look forward to your test review…

  8. One thing I want to know is, just how good is the APAS system, where the drone goes around or above obstacles instead of just stopping? How smoothly does it do it? Does it work when flying backwards? I haven't seen any videos that really tested the limits of APAS thoroughly. If the Air could, for example, fly backwards through a forest quickly and smoothly without hitting a tree, that would be a HUGE plus for me.
    Have any of you seen videos focusing mostly on the functioning and limits of APAS? If so please provide links.
    On the other hand, I assume the MP2 will have APAS at least as good as the Air

  9. You sound sponsored on this one, Tony. I think we’re going to find the difference in controller and controller connection technology will prevent the Mavic Air from replacing the Mavic Pro for just about anyone. This drone looks like Spark 2.0, borrowing the more successful Mavic brand.

  10. This is a very thorough video about the new DJI Mavic Air. I swear you are at your very best with these in-depth and detailed technical videos. I just love them and and your videos provide me with the specific and informative information that I am seeking. Please don't change on how you do these types of videos. I enjoy your channel very much.

  11. Thanks for the summary comparison, makes sense.
    Just a tiny detail though. I think your assessment of Spark video quality doesn’t apply universally. E.g., in my case, video quality is excellent, very sharp and crisp. Maybe, there is sample variation? Also, the gimbal is solid most of the time, except in too fast pans or descebding down thro own turbulence.

    A bigger constraint with the Spark IMHO is the lack of RAW in photo mode.

  12. Have we left the Phantom series behind? There was a time when the camera / image / video quality was a clear advantage in the Phantom 4 Pro (my drone), plus the stability given the greater weight / wider wing span. I'll be looking forward to the flight assessments.


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