DJI Mavic Air Hands-on Review WITH RANGE TEST [4K]


Can I fly the Mavic Air across the sea and get it back!? Gears I used in this video: Complete gear list …


  1. 1st DJI drone crashed, 2nd one sucks, DJI support, the worst!
    On April 18, I got the 2nd red DJI Mavic Air, due to the 1st one crashed two days ago. I was excited to fly it
    I contacted DJI support about the problem of Mavic Air immediately, and sent the drone back, while they were not able to explain the real reason which caused the problem, the answer was always ambiguous, such as the problem was from my part probably, or from the APP and so on.
    Anyway, I tried more than 10 times to contact the DJI support, while still failed to get a clear solution for that. They did not even reply me in a proper manner most of time, or just ignored my case simply…
    One month later, as a neglected customer, I decided to go to their head quarter in Shenzhen. Again, no solution! That made me more furious!!! Honestly, I have never seemed to get a person that wanted to solve the problem for me, everyone was afraid of taking the responsibility, though I even contacted their so-called Chief of Public Relation Dept.!!!
    Yes, DJI, they make great products, but I found them to be so unorganized and a very disappointing company to deal with.
    Like a nightmare, for me, it’s a really very annoying experience to buy a drone with them!

  2. Thank you for this honest and concise review. I've been doing tons of research and in doing so have come across many YouTube reviews… that being said, this is definitely one of the best. Thank you


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