DJI Mavic Air Drone: QuickShot & ActiveTrack Overview


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  1. It is so obvious that you have never liked this drone – every piece/video that you have done, it is obvious from the very beginning that you are not impressed with it. Your tone, your body language everything is rarely 'enthusiastic' as you are when you are suggesting kit that you like (or maybe sponsored), so I suggest that you sell it and go and buy a Parrott or wait for Sony to come up with a drone.
    I used to love your reviews (yours and Chelsea's), and you were my go-to channel for expert reviews; regrettably, I now go elsewhere when I want impartial advice (especially on drones and especially the Air).

  2. Iโ€™ve had the drone for over a month now and the joystick has never come close to falling out. Maybe you didnโ€™t put in properly?? Lol. You should really think about that before posting something like this because you make issues out of things that are not issues!!

  3. Yes … no side sensors. My only stack ("Mav took a tumble") (so far) was when I crabbed into an upstairs railing. The Mav finished up on its back with no discernible trauma visible. So ended my indoor flight sorties.

  4. what a great video Tony. this is great. i really appreciate the speed of info delivery and showing things that go wrong when you own a drone.. I still want this drone and now maybe even more because I've seen it in a more real world senario


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