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  1. Nice and compact drone fir sure, but it has that annoying, high pich noise, which could be bigger problem them volume of noise alone. it is good to know when shooting where people are present etc.

  2. You are getting weak signal problems with your Mavic Air because you are using it in CE mode. If you put it in FCC mode you can get 4.3 Km range while using 5.8Ghz. It's technically not legal to use FCC mode in Europe, but unless there's drone police going around checking everybody's drone signal, nobody is going to know. There are tutorials on youtube how to get it in FCC mode if you are outside USA. You need to download an app called FakeGPS that will fake your GPS position to somewhere inside USA. The DJIgo4 app will then ask to reset your WLAN settings to FCC mode.

  3. Agree that for good lighting conditions, Mavic Air did everything my P4P did at a lower cost and while being extremely portable. The best camera is often the one you have with you. The Mavic Air meets that requirement. My current preference for the Mavic 2 Pro is (1) low noise attracts less attention, (2) longer flight time eases the planning of each flight/video take, and (3) the control signal technology is more reliable. So … for "home movie" video production and still image capture I'd go for the Mavic Air. For more demanding video requirements, take the Mavic 2 Pro.

  4. I always enjoy your videos.Very informative.
    I love my Mavic Air in every aspect.
    Never had a problem with GPS.
    My only issue as you say is "The Noise Problem" 🙁
    On a recent trip to Sutherland to film a music video after 2 weeks of blood,sweat and tears :
    (Lousy weather and howling winds) 🙁
    My best footage was in pristine light conditions (Sun Behind etc and Polar pro cinema filters mostly ND16)
    My low light footage even trying to edit in Premier Pro had that small amount of noise,very very annoying.
    However,as a "Poor Scottish Musician" !! lol
    The Mavic Pro 2 is beyond my budget Unfortunately.
    Keep up the great work,
    Love the channel,
    You have helped me a lot over the last year getting to know my Mavic 🙂
    Take care.

  5. I bought my Mavic Air to replace my Phantom 3. I found that, when shooting real estate (houses) surrounded by trees, the Phantom was too bulky/wide. I was able to sneak this little guy between the trees, and get those great deck-level shots, chimney, etc that I just couldn't get with the Phantom. Plus, it fits right in my camera bag, next to all my other camera gear- no separate bag to lug around. That's been a godsend.

  6. the mavic air is the best investment I've ever done, since I am traveling a lot, it's the most convenient and discrete to carried out… the combo mavic air + osmo pocket is killing everything !!

  7. Nice to see you like the MA, since I have one. I have not ever found an issue with communication dropping. I do think noise is my biggest issue, along with the missing flight modes, like Homelock (and dynamic homelock updating), etc. Aside from that, my main other issue, is getting my finished exported movie files to look as sharp and crisp as yours. I've used Premiere, FCPx, DaVinci….they all seem to lack that pristine quality, such as the shots in your vid here. Any help with that would be so appreciated.

  8. Great clip and totally agree. Love the Mavic Air for it's compact size and fantastic versatility. Also it's dependability, was filming at a distance of 2.5 km with no problems, yes very naughty I know!

  9. Oh, how I love this chanel ! This is pure, sophisticated information of a very likeable Scottish couple. Best regards from Germany. I owe you many beers for all your useful information. Thank you so much for sharing your experience !

  10. I'm not a professional drone flyer and I don't have money to burn. To my mind, the Mavic Air still isn't cheap, but it is worth the money and provides good value. I think it's great for several reasons: it's really small and easy to put in your pocket or back pack; the picture quality is really good with up to 4k definition if you need it and it's very easy to fly. The picture is very stable even in windy conditions and I've not yet had a problem with the video link except when it broke contact going round the back of a large tree at some 500 metres. Even then, it safely returned to home. The collision avoidance is excellent and has allowed me to fly into valleys and follow a bubbling stream without hitting the rocks and at some distance. The battery life is about 20 minutes and is fine for me. I can do recon runs first, swop the battery and carry on. I carry three batteries for this which is more than enough. The only downsides I've found are that because it is so small, it is sometimes difficult to see at distance and have lost sight of it more than once. I usually hit the return to home when that happens. It doesn't have sideways collision avoidance, so you have to watch this when panning, especially in some of its circular programme modes when it went into a bramble bush. I was the only one that got hurt! And yes it can be a bit noisy. I notice that the Pro2 has bent blade tips to reduce the noise. It would be good if DJI provided some of those for the Mavic Air. Altogether, the Mavic Air is great fun with all is various AI modes. Typically, I like to use the drone for landscape/coastal shots and for me, the Mavic Air is just the job.
    By the way, I'm enjoying all of Stewart and Alina's videos. Keep up the good work.

  11. I got my mavic air yesterday,My 1st drone,just had to fly it even though the wind was extremely strong…..and WOW was i impressed how well it handled…it was my 1st flight ever …heart was beating out of my chest 😀

  12. I loved my Mavic Air but for 2 things, the noise and the short battery life. It's the only drone I've had people come and complain that the noise was bothering them. And the short battery life meant I was sometimes changing batteries and missing a great shot. But the camera was great and the portability fantastic. Happy with my switch to the m2pro though.

  13. the mavic air is the only "just in case" drone with good picture quality <3 … i never would take the mavic pro 2 on a mtb trip just for fun. —> hop the next mavic air will have really good IA Tracking and faster/better APAS.

  14. I love my Mavic Air. When i switched from Xiaomi Mi Drone it blew my mind how much better it actualy is, not to mention portability. It's still above my video needs and skill level so I enjoy it much.

  15. i thought the Mavic Air 2 just came out because of the title lol Anyhow, I had this drone it got stuck up in a really tall red wood tree so I had to make a canon to shoot it down. My intention was too drop it and cushion it, but it fell straight into the hard ground. There were no visual signs of damage on the drone and it still worked fine for months. With that said, I sold it because I didn't have time to learn i t. I of course told the person what happened and gave them a discount. 🙂

  16. Good review Stewart, I have had my Mavic Air for a year and agree with your assessment of it…overall, quite good drone for all that it does!


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