DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM Flight Review – Crazy Windy Tracking & Avoidance, Zooming, Pros & Cons


Enjoy my DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM Flight Review – Crazy Windy Tracking & Avoidance, Zooming, Pros & Cons. Get it here Cheap Ipad Air 2 …


  1. Just got the Mavic 2 Zoom, thanks to this great video. However, horizon seems to be titled slightly. I did IMU, compass and camera calibrations. Any help? Also, any ideas on a super small travel bag that would house just the drone, 1 battery and the remote? I want small but protected to throw in my suitcase.

  2. Your issue come from the angle of the incline when you go to straight down. Because of the inclination of the ground when you come back the drone is closer from the ground and it has some conflict between the top and the bottom because behind him it's higher I guess so it think that the only way is up but the tree is too big to go all the way up. When you go in a transversal way it t let him more room to go and it can see that it can go down.
    You have you take that in consideration when you do an active tracking because the AI is not gonna be better for a while i guess.

  3. @23:21 I'm sorry man..But if that was my M2Z…That would be the last time I would let you use it lol. Can you imagine how hard the processor in this drones is working to dump the old image, make the correction to the motors and up loading new image all in real time DJI engineers or the best.

  4. I have searched the internet and I can not find a comparison of the video / photo quality of the Autel EVO vs Thor Mavic 2 Zoom ??? This seems like the most important comparison for those considering the EVO vs M2 Zoom. I have seen multiple comparison videos on the EVO vs M2 Pro, but that is not really a honest apples vs apples comparison. This is a really important review to me and I am sure many others who are on the fence about which bird to buy. I rest my case. Thanks for your stellar work on these reviews!

  5. Very nice tests and video. The active track is marvelous. I'm anxious to know what happens in tracking a flying object like another drone or a slowly flying RC-plane above 12mph and no obstacles in the vicinity except the target. Should M2Z keep up distance from the target above 12 mph?

  6. Hi dustin.. you have this two for a test already.. what do you think about the image quality? are the pro version better in a huge difference or not too much?how about compare the zoom version to the old mavic pro, does the image quality the same?


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