DJI Mavic 2 – Why Not To Buy For 3-6 Months – Before You Buy Guide


We have covered the news and leaks for the DJI Mavic 2 ( over the past 6 months but we won’t be buying one for several important …


  1. If the camera was removable they could also let say nikon release a camera for the thing. They are interchangeable, you just void the warranty. The drone will recognize either camera though. I’m waiting because of the 28th. Probably a phantom 5 release. Unfortunately, the new p5 probably will only allow lense swop, not whole camera.

  2. i think you're right! i made the same decision to wait! the m2p cam is not that good at all for a 1 inch sensor! to much screwing around and post production to achieve useable footage, for pics only spark is top notch for price and size! the enterprise edition with zoom cam shows that the 1 inch cam isn't that good otherwise they would have used that cam for sure! perhaps they'll release the enterprise edition with a much better 1 inch sensor couse dji knows well they fucked up the 1 inch cam! perhaps autel will use this chance to get a real useable 1 inch cam on their evo..keep thumbs pressed

  3. You make very good points and I agree its better to buy a drone a few months after it comes out. I bought the Phantom 4 at the beginning and could have got the Phantom 4 Pro had I waited. (although I love my Phantom 4 )

  4. I was ready to buy at the beginning of this year but everyone seemed to say, "wait for the new Mavic 2 Pro". The new model is way more expensive so I am leaning towards the Autel Evo which is nearer to the price I had settled on previously. One could wait forever … there will always be something newer and better over the horizon.

  5. I am glad to see someone making this kind of video for a change. I own a Mavic Pro Platinum, and despite the fact I jumped right in the first day it came out to buy it, because it was basically an improved model from the regular pro, I was always worried with a totally different model of drone such as the Pro 2/zoom. So on that one I was definitely ready to wait and see what's happening with those who owns it already, before to buy my own. Unlike some people I see commenting on here already, I own a drone already and I am really happy with it so far. I am not rich and drone are VERY expensive piece of equipment, so always takes lot of research and thought before buying one. So I am not at all in a hurry to spend more money into something that may end up costing me even more. Again, great informative video!

  6. Yes I will wait after watching some of the reviews and the pros and cons in mavic 2 zoom and pro it is always better to wait n watch. Let Djibouti improvise their product.

  7. Seems to me like 2019 will bring a newer model yes, and newer issues. So probably doesn’t matter when you purchase, they all have draw backs and eventually comes down with what your accepting of and it’s ultimate use.. I know I wouldn’t want anything sitting worth those prices, especially if you have other fairly new Droins..


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