DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Hasselblad Camera Drone!


The successor to the Original Mavic Pro has arrived but this time there are two – the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom! The 24-48mm zoom is nice but is the 1″ …


  1. Explanation about the “stuttering” with the footage: was shooting with it in Germany 4K 30P, took it back to the UK and kept using 4K 30P while I shot the talking bits on the GH5 in 25p as per and edited in a 25p timeline. Exported, uploaded, buggered off to Tokyo to look at this new Nikon full frame mirrorless; realised error, but I don’t have the project with me on portable HDD so decided to release it. Anyway, apologies for the stuttering – I can upload sample footage of just the 4K30 footage when I get back but that won’t be for at least a week!

  2. 2 points, 1. poor old Hasselblad, since DJI took them over they've been forced to share their wonderful brand name on a plastic flying turd. 2. Admit it, You weren't flying anything while sat on the beach, just holding the controller.

  3. Shouldn't make mistakes like this it's so obvious were you went wrong still it was marginally more useful than Casey's video. Take more time my friend don't lose your head with big sub counts

  4. Good review, looks like a nice upgrade over the mavic Pro 1. Shame about the amount of laws (yes not just rules of best practice but actual law) about drone flying broken. going to only get stricter flying drones as soon they'll need to be registered to individuals.


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