DJI Mavic 2 Pro || Best Video Settings


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  1. Hi 🙂 I'm mainly going to use my Macvic 2 pro to take pictures. Would you recommend these setting for pictures too, or are they better for videos than pictures?

  2. Thank god a video by someone who knows what they are talking about and not another 10min of bullshit by some idiot bitching about how it uses the sensor, soft image, not as sharp as P4 etc. So refreshing.

  3. Quick comment on aperture settings between P4P and M2P. Testing both my drones, I found out that P4P had minimum sharpness loss on either end of the aperture scale, but on M2P on f/11 there was a lot of difference compared to f/4 or f/2.8. The sharpest setting for aperture seems to be f/4, on my unit at least. Also, your comment on M2P's log having no sharpness added, is the whole point on this discussion. P4P adds a lot of sharpness by default (on zero sharpness setting) even on its log mode (with fixed 500iso compared to free-to-set iso on Mavic2pro log mode), so many people comparing these two drones, miss this important detail and come to inaccurate conclusions. Nice video and thanks for clarifying some things to the community. PS: not so "quick" comment after all 🙂

  4. Absolutely brilliant Stuart, the M2P issues are very complex at the moment. This certainly provides us with clarity and authority regarding product expectations and practical use of the M2P in its current state of development. Thank you so much.

  5. Looks like Glencoe, the old hospital at the top (which I think is a hotel now?). Nice view of the Loch as well, my Gran is buried on one of them, on a good day its a cracking place to fly. Do you have any views on the YT videos circulating about not using the full 1" sensor on the Pro-seems to have kicked up a right stink!

  6. Great video-great tips as usual…but i really do see a better image from my P4Pro than on the M2P – which does give a great pic but you get the finished article out with a lot QUICKER workflow when using the P4Pro …. and an average pc – sorry 🙁

  7. 7:51 F5.6 is clearly the sweet spot which is better than wide open or stopped down. I get that after the last few weeks of YouTube camera release drama (Nikon, Canon, DJI etc) it’s easy to just be over it all and say “screw it all, the only thing that matters is composition” which I 99% agree with but of all of the different topics of debate I would still have to suggest ND filters vs shooting F11. Now that the M2P is introducing an adjustable aperture to people who may not be familiar with one, it’s important to know what diffraction is (light ricocheting around the aperture blades before hitting the sensor) as much as white balance, shutter speed etc etc.

  8. I got that reference to the GH4, i own one myself and i set everything to -5 in order to get a very flat image, i was doing the same with the P4 with setting everything at -3 using CINELIKE-D profile. I enjoy grading with these highly soft images. It's all about personal tastes.
    Thanks for the great video as always!
    Happy midweek and happy flying 🙂


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