DJI – Introducing the Phantom 4


The Phantom 4 makes flying easier and more fun than ever. Control it with a tap, automatically avoid obstacles or track your favourite subjects effortlessly to …


  1. This Company is completely scam. Had a phantom 4 I used for my farm. It was working perfectly. Then I did their firmware upgrade. I stopped working. Had 2 very long calls with their service department. They finally decided my firmware was corrupted and I needed to mail it in. Which I did. Now they decided I need $218 in repairs. Non of which has nothing to do with firmware. When I protested, they told me that they forgot to include labor, so if I escalated it would be $130 more! Buy ANY other brand. These guys are terrible.

  2. I have the drone and to be honest here, the drone is not that good. it's ment for indoor flying not outdoor flying. and it has no charge ability so becicly when it runs out of battery you are screwed.


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