DJI Drone buying guide, India


Presenting a useful guide to buy drone in India…choose best drone in India….Must watch if planning to buy a drone in India…This video will solve your all quires …


  1. How is the range and video feed? There were many instances where ppl were getting loss of signal within a few meters(20 to 30m). So is there any range issues with your model. And also would like to know if it operates in FCC or CE mode in india.. thanks in advance

  2. 1.if i own a nano drone(under 250gm) can i take it with me international flight(vacation ) and use it there and bring it back ?
    2. i have also heard that nano drones do not need any registerations and we can fly it till the height of 50m, is it true?

  3. I have 2 Qs
    1) do you know the status of new license rules which was for public review in Nov. 2017.
    2) If I bought a drone in India can I take it with me in the luggage on domestic flights e.g. Delhi to Mumbai ?


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