Beyond the hype. Fpv Community questions about the new DJI Digital Fpv System. Things to consider before you purchase yours. *Update : The radio does …


  1. DJI is very much becoming the "Apple" in the "Android" open source fpv world.
    It can't do.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 etc but hey it is user freindly
    Pssshh. I'll stick to something that is usable rather then "user friendly" and everything else is proprietary

  2. I don't understand the hype…. analog video will always be the system with minimal latency, any digital conversion will make it slower… no miracles, if you don't mind, the DJI FPV system is an option for some people, who now can make this choice knowing this… nothing special, no hype.

  3. Might as well put a beat to this and call it a dis track , haven’t used the product and makes a full video to cast doubt. It’s people pushing the tech that gets us where we need to be not honestly bias reviews

  4. Good review. You are the only reviewer that even discussed a Fixed Wing application. I enjoy FPV just as much on fixed wing as I do on quad's and if I am dropping $$$$ for this system, it must be usable on an airplane without a major pain.

  5. Do I really want to take a college course on how to operate
    this thing? And what about the brain frying frequency and power next to
    my head! Ahhh.. no thanks! I'll stay with my Mavic 2 Pro w/ Hasselblad,
    iPad, Titan and Mav.

  6. The real issue even if they get everything perfect is the sharing of the feed… Unless you have an extra set of goggles or are at a big event where the could put it up on a large screen, no more ride alongs… Unless all your buddies have the goggles no more joy of them seeing your rip in realtime…

  7. Good Video and you raise a lot of good points that will need to be addressed. I'm actually quite surprised that you weren't included in the initial review batch of units, several key reviewers were left out and it gave me pause to say, "No, I can't jump in until more reviewers have a go at it." Not saying this will fail, I actually hope it goes well and evolves, only that I'm just not going jump on the bandwagon…going to wait to see how well this works out and what happens when this hit real-world use. I will say, that I have been a victim of being an early adopter of new tech a lot in the past and let's just say, that I'm done getting toasted.

  8. When your the only company that makes the product in question, the price tends to be whatever they want. Its hard to say something is overpriced when when there is no competition to base the price off. Ill be interested in watching your review once you are able to test the system.

  9. Hats off to DJI.. For taking us out of the stone age and into the future this can only be great for the hobby. Dispite some short term problems this will change FPV and and the sport forever.
    Now every one will have to step up to the plate and provide better products for our hobby.

  10. All the hate i can smell it. All the same people bitching about hdo prices…..u guys are gonna get left behind in analog land because of jealousy or being scurrred n confused? Cmon. No one is saying u have to be early adopters… but got dayum be happy about the major break throughs and for the future improvements. . And now look fatsharks made their announcement. More competitiion is better. Grow up people.

  11. Once you get your original gear it's $129 for each aircraft you have that's very affordable a split mini alone costs $80 vtx are $30 and a VAS antennae is $20 so DJI is definitely on par and not expensive at all

  12. I feel like I just took a swim in the ocean after watching this.
    Oh and overheating? I fly my Mavic 2 in 100+ degree heat, for 30 mins at a time, and cover miles upon miles of distance. Never has it’s VTX overheated.

  13. It looks like an awesome system, I wish I could afford it. I would be willing to work some overtime to buy the system if it wasn't so expensive for every quad I want it on. Also it doesn't look like it will be small and light enough for micro quads anytime soon. Really beautiful fpv image though. I still want it lol

  14. i totally agree with you……. it's probably the hypiest hypetrain ever atm!

    everybody wants that super HD flying experience and many many ppl will try to get their hands on that throwing out 1k bucks without thinking too much about it

    it's actually a great step into the future but because DJI sticks to it's own ecosystem onceagain i'm actually not a big fan of it

    i definitely don't wanna have to give up on my taranis and crossfire AND have such a bulky block in my kwad just to get HD fpv feed that's not even 100% thought through and reliable

    but i'm actually waiting for competitors coming up with some more interchangable and lighter solutions

    not sure though if digital video transmission will ever beat the reliability and latency of reliable gear especially at longer ranges in the near future

  15. this system came out almost TWO YEARS AGO ! The RE Black Goggles. identical. It did not catch on (I bought the complete system and made a long distance cruiser.) This will be for those Pilots who want to add long distance to their quiver. Yes CROSSFIRE is there. space: most builds today are using 4/1 esc and a split stack setup. I don't see this as a Bando Smasher …its for grownups who want to enjoy amazing image quality. Price ? HDO's are $500. without modules. ORCA $650. Justin you need to step up and invest in the package and spend some time flying …

  16. Sure, evryone is this hgobby has an extra $1000.00 laying around to throw into this .The ONLY thing its' got is it's digital. In a race?, turn the power down to what we already use (NO gain there), oh, it only works with proprietary (DJI) equipment (NO gain there),. Digital would be fantastic, not at these limitations from DJI. Now that all my negativity has been spewed (lol), at least they broke out the digital. Now then, sharks are already on the release, here come the others. Let's see who can make this realistic for us "hobby" type folks that aren't sponsored or do not race professionally and do not have $1,000.00 to START the digital fun with. Thanks Justin, keep it coming brother. Jeff

  17. The price is good, I don't mind that. But there needs to be a slim version on the vtx without the rx so I can put it in my slammed build and keep using Crossfire. When that happens, I'm in.


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