DIY Underwater Drone! COMPLETELY WIRELESS (4K 360 Camera)


Instagram: Shirts: I decided to make an underwater drone because I’m going to be living near the …


  1. Check out my nephew's youtube channel, his name is "Kody Simpson". He's 17 years old and posts videos on programming, java, html, python, etc. He's trying to get into a great college.

  2. "underwater" Dude thats a boat, it's not even submerged enough to be underwater!
    That being said, cool video, awesome ideas, funny editing. Even if I was misled by the title I watched till the end!

  3. You can check out some Fpv video system stuff, for about 30 to 50 bucks you can get a camera and video transmitter that will go over a mile lol if anyone wants more info just reply to this comment


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