DIY FPV Drone Monitor with Fatshark Modules


The LCD I Used Found this Coupon for the LCD Coupon code: 38024f Coupon discount: 12% off Voltage Regulator


  1. This is why I watch your channel ,great video ,but I do cringe when you de solder ,use flux paste and spread over the solder prior to using your hot air iron ,it makes it easier to lift components with out damaging the pads or the components. I have a similar reflow station and when I have to remove a small smd component that's close to others I try to isolate it by covering it with sticky aluminium foil tape and then use a scalpel to cut out a small square around the component I'm trying to replace ,plenty of flux paste ,ceramic tweezer and a magnifier ,your electronics Knowledge is really good and I think if you included in your video how you traced out the vtx io's I think there would be plenty of people who want to watch this…..

  2. Hi I just made one of these using an old Realacc fake diversity module.

    I had trouble with the AV inputs to because the AV input cables are coaxial so you have to strip the outside layer an ground it then the center conductor goes to Video out on the module.

    Also I found I could change channel by Jumpering the last three pins to ground in random combinations. 🙂

    Just in case it helps someone !!

  3. I'm just getting into the hobby and found your channel. Sub'd and love watching your vids. Not quite sure I'm ready for some of these mods yet, as I have many questions, but I have an itchy finger with my soldering iron, lol.

  4. i just got a dys f4 and i got it to flash and i connected a reciever and bound it to my flysky fs i6s and now when i plug a battery all i get is a red light instead of the blue green and red light and i cant get it to power on from a usb. can anyone tell what i can do to fix this issue?


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