Diatone R239 Undeniably Unbreakable FPV Quad – Beginner Drone Racer


Ditaone R239 is another great option for people just starting out in FPV micro Drone Racers. Diatone R239 quite possibly could be the best race drone for …


  1. hey you guys, wanted to ask a quick question since im nowhere near your location nor experience level… but i got a dji mavic ii as well as treated myself to the dji re goggles kit….ย i want to get something in the fpv quad 5.8 gz freq and want something that is super duty seriously well constructed and is cheap and can bind up to my spektrumย remote… can you guys recommend something in the sub 150$ quality that is super duper resiliant and can take a crazy beating…. i just want a go to quick to pull out and get going whoop" type quad to get that locked in feel when flying, and can fly outside, not just get thrown around by the wind…

    please help me out santa is working to get me the perfect fpv drone, can you guys make any recommendations for a really durable small quad? i was looking at that purple eachine drone as well as the mobius and the ehawk w the turtle mode….ย thanks in advance for anything and any quads or information you can provide to santa as well as myself… have a good evening, and happy holidays…


  2. I had the carbon 3 inch version, first crash, I disarmed in mid air I set up my radio differently to usual and muscle memory just kicked in, I broke an arm. The arm snapped before my propeller, falling onto grass only a few meters in the air – never had anything like that happen even on my 6 inch quad.

  3. I saw another page where they were speed testing a Mobula7 but they measured the ascending speed instead of a flyby speed. Can you guys measure the speed going UP with a full throttle punch?

  4. Love your tests, helping me a lot!
    Do you think this special compound plastic structure will fit around the Diatone GT-R90 plus its stock frame?
    Looks like it could, I will compare to my frame tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have fun smashing the stuff! =)

  5. Now I don't know which one I want.. LOL This Diatone R239 or Eachine ET115 or 100. The R239 goes with my up in smoke flying skills. Definitely you do the best reviews and as always keep me in stitches doing a great job. keep it up. I will see what Santa puts under the tree. ( I told Santa to get either drone from Grayson Hobby shop!)


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