DHD D2 Nano Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This pocket nano camera drone includes a carrying case controller shaped like a camera. It can also be recharged in the field using the carrying case. Find it here


  1. That is a flip button, I got one yesterday and it flips the quad. When I pull the throttle up, it pulls to the left or moves backwards, it doesn't go straight up, any idea?? im quite new to quadcopters

  2. I have the JJRC version of this and it just doesn't work right for me. Videos are always corrupt when recorded to any SD card I own. Mine never even came with an SD card. Disappointing when the whole point of the drone is the camera setup. It flies nicely though as one would expect from a CX-10 clone.

  3. does this1 fly easyer then say the Fayee YF804? because i think a nano with camera is cool,but i have difficult to controle this little F*%S,lol so maybe because FY804 is more heavy?(and iam beginner flyer) but if this 1 would weight the same/fly the same its to difficult to controle AND make video,so better go for little1 with Altitude Hold,thanks

  4. Those Chinese are already thinking ahead for when they outlaw the use of drones in public. If you what to smuggle it into a park or beach, security will think you're just carrying a camera and taking pictures.

  5. Don't know about you, but personally I am getting sick of all the nano quads flooding the market. But you make your videos so interesting, I keep watching them all.

  6. Catchy controller, lol… Doing these reviews looks like a full time gig for you. I love flying toys and all RC for that matter, but like anything, in moderation. i bet they got you working more now then before you were retired. I do enjoy receiving the email that you finished another review though so keep em coming and Thank you!


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