DFD F183 Drone 6 Axis 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter Helicopter with Camera LCD Display


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  1. Word of advice this really is a pieace of crap copter i have ever bought, my first one burnt the motor as soon i took it of the box for the first flight, the second one had the same problem so i bought the third one and guess what? the same issue. I have a feeling all these copters should be recalled and redone or else you gonna have a mobb of unhappy customers, if you are a proffessional flyer like me, please do not even go near this crap

  2. I got three of this drown (not drone) with 15 spare batteries with no cameras or prop guard, use them to the max and warm up before flying 3dr solo, but they didnt even lasted for and hour!!!

  3. peace of shit don't buy. I have one today and it's just junk, the charger peace is to big to fit in to the aircraft. like what the fuck man and there's more, the camera cords are designed to disconnect but will not reconnect

  4. I have the same drone as here. I'm uploading a video of tricks and video feed from onboard video system check right here on my channel
    Been doing test flights with my drone checking out a new camera and decided I'll try and see if I can do 360deg flips and YES IT WORKED I'm uploading a video now on my channel and yes I'll be doing lots more drone uploads

  5. Remote control locks up and stops working, no display on the little screen but the red power button comes on, this should not be happening, I cannot fly the thing, maybe something to do with recording?, still should not be happening with the remote.

  6. So it moves basically like all the descriptions of a UFO. I bet the military has shit like this human sized or unmanned larger ones, up there messing with people, putting leds on it and flying it over Area 51 while they laugh at all the guys calling it a ufo. This proves the whole (planes, helicopters ect cant move in sudden directions so fast bs theory) if you put logic into it and use this design, funded by billions of dollars, you could have a perfect military aircraft that moves like a "UFO" or at least in the exact same way people describe the fast change in direction ect. My comment may have been a bit hard to comprehend but I'm high as fuck right now so take it or leave it.


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