Delta Drone Kaiser Baas review


Real Reviews Australia, reviews the Delta drone from Kaiser Baas, great product for under $800 aud. great starter drone.


  1. Did they ask you to say good things about it, because what I'm getting from this video is everything is good and nice before you've even properly taken a look at it. And the cardboard box holding the propellers is a "case"? Seems disingenuous.

  2. Hi, I have a Kaiser baas delta gimbal i scored for free, is there a way of fixing it to another brand of drone?? I want to put it on my MJX Bugs3. i powered it up but it won't respond.. what can i do with the signal wires?? Anyone??

  3. Can I ask ? Shouldn't it be a wise idea to turn the tx on before you power on the craft?
    As a drone flyer who has flown phantom, mavics and fpv racer types , turning on the transmitter first on any brushless large quads is a must to prevent them flying into your face . BTW. These kaiser drones are starting to show up in the UK via currys pc world

  4. Hi
    I just purchase the delta drone with the gimbal bundle from kaiser baas. I will really appriciate if you can do a video about installing the electric gimbal because my one keep shaking when I start the drone up and I google every where but no one seem to do any video about this drone.

  5. Hi, mate. I got one delta drone. but it has some problem. when open it up. the LED keep flashing green yellow red. system self-checking.ย it cannot be fly. ย can u please give me some advices to deal with this problem?ย  THX

  6. Hi Geoff, yes it's quite stable and once we receive the gimbal from Kaiser Baas we will be doing a full flying camera review and tests. As a pilot in the RC game for many years and across all of the legislation, I'm aware of the changes coming, bit more importantly there is a document you will see I held up a yellow one and mentioned the documentation. – this is the CASA guidelines for Ma and pa and you call them. It will be interesting to see how this goes. In relation to the Delta I have found it a great little flier that I've really enjoyed flying and will continue to do so. Thanks for your encouragement.

  7. Good review. I also saw these at officeworks. The real questions are does it fly well? it is stable? and do the mum and dad buyers who pop into JB or officeworks and grab one know that it is illegal to fly it over populated areas and within 30m of other people in Australia? ๐Ÿ™‚ There will be new regulations in September to make it clearer as to what you can and can not do with your new drone depending on the weight of the drone in Australia but before you rush out and buy one make sure you are aware of the regulations. We are talking about them here ( if you are interested.

    Thanks for the detailed feature coverage. This quadcopter looks like it will be a good first flying camera drone for people with a GoPro and the radio looks awesome! I would love to see some flight tests. Headless mode seems to be getting popular these days not only in toys but in more expensive drones too and I like your idea of using it as a recovery option not so much as a main flying option but that is debatable and I see this in the same way as the preference of gear shifting in a car with some people preferring manual gears while other people prefer automatic.


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