DaVinci Resolve 12 Basic Video Editing Tutorial


Really easy to learn beginners guide to video editing with Davinci Resolve. Links & downloads in description LIKE ✓ COMMENT ✓ SUB ✓ & Check the latest:


  1. Thank You bro for making this keeping in mind for the first time users of any video editing software,  I spend many hours figuring out the tools in past many days (it was my first Experience on any video editing software), After watching your video today it made my way far easy. Thanks bro, it was really a good video,

  2. This is great software. Easy to use and figure out. I downloaded a few other but they did not do 4k video and some were hard to figure out. I installed DaVinci Resolve and within a few minutes I was editing. The software was very intuitive and it took me little time to produce a video from 10 different clips. Cropping the clips was was easy too.

  3. At 7:05, you show how to import new video into the end of the timeline. How do you add it to the beginning of an edited timeline and slide the already edited video to the end? I am afraid that I will mess up the 2 hours of work that I just spent on editing.

  4. Thanks for the video! I'm using Davinci Resolve 14 but still found this super helpful for editing simple Youtube videos. I couldn't figure out how to edit clips before this video ^.^"

  5. Hello Friend, first of all thank you so much for your videos, it is helping me a lot… but I have a MAIN and very important question for you: how resolve 14 shows me the used clips that have being used in the timeline??? how can I know the used clips??? please, help me. I can´t believe this software doesn´t have this feature!!!! I am dying to know that!!


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