CX10W Nano FPV Drone Flight Test Review


This very tiny quadcopter is controlled by your touchscreen phone. You can both fly it, and view what the quadcopter’s camera is seeing with your smartphone, tablet, or WiFi gameplayer. Good…


  1. Hi. Thank you for your review. Do you think that we can use something like a bluetooth gamepad compatible with Android devices control that quadcopter through their Android app installed on a smarthone? (Same question about Apple devices, if someone has the answer…!) If yes, I'll get more fun with this tiny quadcopter

  2. I was about to buy one, but when I connected my Galaxy Note 3, the app only showed black screen instead videos.

    tried another unit same thing happened.

    does anyone know whats going on?


  3. I got one of these today and yes they are really indoor flyers. The yaw on the phone controller is pretty much non existent. As a matter of interest I bound it with my CX10c controller which is definitely the way to go if you have one. It won't bind with the standard CX10 controller though.


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