CX-10 Nano Drone Demonstration and Instructions – Space City Drones


This video is designed to help the customers who purchased a CX-10 Nano Drone from Space City Drones control their drone, while demonstrating the features …


  1. Hi, Thanks for the great video. I now understand my quadcopter a little better. It should be noted that this is my first attempt at something this small usually I drive monster trucks. I have one question although I have had this great little toy for three days now I cant get past crashing on take-off do these ever come from the factory in less than perfect working order? I have read all the instructions, I have seen all the videos, I have tried all the buttons, and after three days of five minutes of crashing then half hour waiting to charge and another five minutes of crashing another half hour charging  etc.. etc. etc. I am becoming quickly disenchanted with these.  Also do these ever crash anywhere else besides under the couch?

  2. @fabzil, yes it is but it is vital to learn. With the more expensive units, they have GPS that does it for you. When you are starting out, it's important to practice and learn and not rely on GPS. Keep flying, you will get it!!

  3. for everybody who gets a cx10 as his first quadcopter: i can not recomment the protection frame for this thing enough! (also buy a bunch of spare propellers)
    not only does it greatly reduce damage to the quad and your enviroment when you crash it, and you will!, but it adds quite some mass, making the speedy, touchy little thing much more docile to control and giving you more time to react, when you're still learning. 
    PS: personally i found the sticks too short and stiff, for the subtle corrections needed. superglue-caps with a hole poked in the top make great extensions.

  4. Just got one of these today, it's my first quad (long time planker). Awesome little drone, and nice video! To clarify, the three setting are; low rate, high rate, and headless mode, Most people suggest staying off headless mode and learning properly, I agree. And yes it is touchy, but quite controllable with practice. Ah, battery is charged back to playing! I'm going to get two or three more just so I don't have to wait between flights. 🙂

  5. Man I love these mini drones,, THEY ARE AWSOME !!! although I dont have one. I actually have a m62 quadcopter..still trying to laern to fly it.some how ive got to come up with the money and grab me one of these minis..look like alot of fun !!! thanx for the vid..!


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