CrystalSky & Mavic 2 – Perfect Together (Update Tutorial)


The latest update for DJIGo4 application on the CrystalSky monitor was just released and it now supports the Mavic 2 quads. In this clip I explain how to do the …


  1. I have the M2P and CrystalSky. I was able to update the software, but I can't connect the aircraft. I have it laid out on a table with no mount. I have the USB plugged into the bottom of the controller and the other end of the cable plugged into the bottom of the CS. That didn't work so I used a different cable, plugged in the USB into the bottom of the controller, and the other into the port on the left side (last port). What am I doing wrong? By the way, I always find your vids very informative.

  2. I am not seeing any comments regarding the issues that seem to be posted in the DJI forum or other sites.   The issues I have been reading are obviously about the overheating, dropped frames, fragmentation and screen freezing.   I have also read that the unit will just freeze up while the drone is flying.   Is this something that has been totally resolved?   Of particular interest is the dropped frames, fragmentation and screen freezing.I have tried out two 7.85 Ultra models, one built 5/2018 and one built in August 2018.   In both cases I am experiencing the screen issues as noted above.   I am hooking up the unit using the USB-C to the USB-A, going from under the monitor where the two screws are located to the USB-A on the Mavic 2 Pro controller.  Not sure there is another hook up that might work.    Also is there a brand of cable that is recommended over others?I have about another week to go before I send it back.    If you have suggestions on how to setup the unit, what to run or not run… that would be helpful.   I did update the drone, the operating system and the DJI go 4 app.     ThanksAllan

  3. Another VERY useful video right there. I wanted to get a Mavic Pro 2 but I was hesitating because lot of people complained about the CrystalSky not being compatible with it. It's already a expensive piece of equipment, so better to be 100% sure before to invest into another expensive piece of equipment. Now I know it should work (after checking about the new app update of course). Btw, you are using the same mount and even color as the one I ordered for the CrystalSky ! 😀

  4. How did you get the Crystalsky and the Mavic2 controller to connect? Updated to all the latest revision of software and the Crystalsky does not recognize the Mavic2 controller. Crystal Sky V2.6.6.0, DJI Go 4 V4.3.0, latest firmware in the drone and controller.

  5. Rick I really appreciate the time and honest work you do to support us. I see from comments that you were using the MavMount. I have the CS 7.85 ultra as in Texas and the Middle East where most my flying is presently occurring I need it for the sun. On the controller in your hand it looked like to were able to mount on of the DJI quick release connectors, which is what I am really after as I switch the units to other rigs. If you were can you share which quick connect and the integration with the base. If not if you have any directions or thoughts on how to realize this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all the hard work.


  6. I actually used a APK file to update my 5.5. One of the DJI Forum members pulled down and posted it and I downloaded and put it on an SD Card and slipped it into the monitor for the update. Rick…did DJI make a formal announcement of the app update?

  7. Rick, are you using a MavMount to hold the monitor? What cable do you use to interface the monitor to the controller? Looks like your setup interfaces to the bottom of the monitor and not to the micro-USB on the side. Is that correct? I'd like to purchase the monitor but just need to know how to interface it. I've already got a MavMount and have ordered the CrystalSky adapter/mount. Thanks for all the great information.

  8. Rick, as always great info and video. Question: I've been flying for a few years. Went from Phantom 2>Phantom 3>Phantom>3 Pro>Mavic. Now going for the Mavic 2 Pro. My question has to do with the Crystal Sky. I typically fly with an iPad mini. I fly mostly in the daytime or dusk sometimes at the beach, mountains, coastline, etc. I am considering purchasing a Crystal Sky. Can you tell me how you have found the Crystal Sky enhances your flying experiences? Would it be helpful for framing and adjusting for taking photos? Also, do you recommend the smaller or large version of the Sky. Lastly, where do you get the mount for the Crystal Sky to work with the Mavic Pro?

    Thanks again! Leonard

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  10. FYI I just had today a chat with a guy from DJI Shop support that insisted that  CS is not available for Mavic 2 yet and he couldn't tell me when will it be.On top of that if you check the list of drones available for CS in DJI's Store, the Mavic 2 is not there

  11. Drone Valley, good video, please if you could tell which charger you use for the CS batteries …, do you think that the 57W Osmo charger is too little for the battery charge, although DJI announces it as an option between your list of loaders.. THnks

  12. Hi Rick
    Been following your videos on tablets with drones, do we need a GSM connection with the iPad mini or would the WiFi only version be OK for flying?
    I guess WiFi only means that the only time firmware updates could occur would be at home base with Internet connection? This may help with not being grounded when the system randomly wants to update something?

  13. Rich I am wondering that from a Hi-Level could you provide episodes on parameter mods for the Mavic 2 Pro? Making changes to the internal programming to achieve a higher level of performance.

  14. Hello Rick! Thanks for the update. It’s just what I have been waiting for. My suggestions for videos that I would like to see you provide are Advanced programming “Dino tune” subjects such as parameter modifications.

  15. Hello. Two questions that I'd appreciate your help with.

    1. Can you record the screen so that when I make a final video I could have both the video footage and the telemetry screen?
    2. When you connect a second screen via hdmi. Is that an exact copy of the screen. Telemetry as well. Or is it just the video?
    Thank you,


  16. Hello , I am on vacation in Italy right now …but I have a sad news , I lost my Mavic 2 pro in the sea 2 days ago ..its a long story… ….I am so sad…. its my fault … I didn't train properly for my vacation , blame DJI for coming out with the new Mavic2 pro so late this year…. What should I do now ? wait for another 2 years or go back to DJI store and buy a new Drone again ?? :((((

  17. Hi Rick. I have the CS 5.5" do you know if you can ajust the screen settings apart from the brightness? I cant find anything where you can adjust the colour, sharpness or contrast.b

  18. Hi Ric, I see you are using the larger crystal sky. Is it the Ultra Brightness 7.85" ? I tried to buy one earlier this year in New Zealand they advised me in March 2018 they not stocking it because of failures.any updates would be helpful.

  19. Rick. I've had a CS 5.5" since it came out and have used for both the MavicPro and Platinum. Now using it for the Mavic 2 Pro (of course all firmware downloaded and up-to-date for CS and Mavic 2) I have this terrible lag and static-like video feed. The lag is nearly 2 seconds. The quad commands are not delayed just the gimbal commands (take photo, video, one-button tilt up/down, etc). I can't find a fix in the forums anywhere. But when I use my iPhone X everything is perfect. So frustrating. Suggestions? Thanks!

  20. Gosh this may be a stupid question, but do I have to buy a special charger in addition to the one that came with the Mavic 2 Pro, and the fly more package?? I plugged my charger into the side micro USB charger with my 2 crystalsky batteries, but the lights are flashing red. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, Rick…Can you, or anyone out there help me please? Thank you

  21. Morning Rick, the Mavic Pro 2 with the Crystalsky 5.5 monitor is a match made in heaven, maybe not quite one thing missing I need the DJI mounting adaptor that fit my controller. I reached out to DJI engineering and was told that the Adaptor was in the works and should be out in a month or two.

  22. Thanks Rick. Was able to update my CS and everything works fine until I realized I didn’t have a map in the lower right corner anymore. Just a blank “mapbox” … tried everything I could to get it to show, was connected to wifi on my iphone so we had internet, but still no go. I just finished looking all over the DJI Go4 app and cannot find the “map caching” anymore. Did they take that out? If not, would you be so kind as to tell me where the heck it is? Very frustrating. Love my CS, but sheesh, iOS is so much easier to deal with than the android OS – CS combo. Sure wish Apple would release a 1000nit iPad, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Thanks again for all you do and your channel. Love it!

  23. Nice video, thanks for sharing. I'd been flying drones for a year and a half, albeit, not as much as many, and up until the Mavic 2 was released I had no idea that Crystalsky even existed! Once I got my Mavic 2, I started flying more and I live in a very sunny climate and was having a hard time enjoying the hobby due to screen washout. Then I discovered CS. After buying one, I wonder how I ever lived without it.. it has changed my ability to enjoy the hobby and has enhanced it so much that I now fly my drone on a regular basis and love it.

  24. I have the Mavic 2 Zoom and watching this video, I have a request. I am contemplating in buying the large Crystalsky monitor and am concerned about how do I mount it to the controller. Could you put a link of all the parts I need to get to mount the Crystalsky to my controller? Thank you. Love your videos.


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