Costco! $29 Syma Sky Phantom FPV Drone UNBOXING!!!


So I got the Costco Syma Sky Phantom WiFi FPV Drone for $29!!! I am goint to quickly unbox and turn it on! i cant wait to take it outside this weekend to test out …


  1. Hi Sterling,
    Thanks for posting these videos. I just bought one also from Costco. I am having trouble getting the camera to work (Android phone Motorola). I have downloaded SYMA FLY, SYMA FPV, and SYMA GO. When I start SYMA FPV, it says camera is not connected. I have emailed SYMA but have not received a response yet. Is there something else I need to do to be able to use the camera function? Any assistance is much appreciated. By the way, it does fly.

  2. The Syma Fly app asks for too many permissions on Android phone. Browsing history, microphone, wifi, bluetooth, contacts, media, camera, your phone number, the device ID, who called you for every call – everything you can think of. There is no explanation about how these are used. Why in the world would you need my browsing history to operate a drone? I would have to conclude that the app and so the company is collecting information that it shouldn't be. Costco should pull this drone off the shelf.


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