Coolest Drone Ever? — DJI Mavic Review and Footage


Is the DJI Mavic the coolest drone ever? Check out this review and footage! ***** Check out the DJI Mavic Pro on amazon here: Check out …


  1. How do you think that the footage quality on this compares to something like a GoPro or the Yi 4K+? I would love to see a comparison of this and the GoPro Karma since it comes with the gimbal, GoPro 5 black and the drone.

  2. Sean I was so pumped to come across your review of the Mavic Pro. Totally loved the perspective from which you did the review ! It truly is a drone that is easy for anyone to fly.

    I passed my Part 107 FAA exam back in February which means I am a licensed sUAS pilot (small unmanned aerial system). This will enable me to eventually start my own business that would focus on real estate and event photography/videography.

    I have had my Mavic for almost two months and cannot say enough about it. You are so correct – you get what you pay for. The technology that is packed in here is incredible as you so well demonstrated !
    Some additional items that I would suggest make your Mavic experience even better:

    Landing Pad – Two sided pad with four plastic stakes to anchor in the ground. I use the "orange" side and use the option when using auto take off to take a picture of the landing pad. This comes in handy when using the return to home feature as it lands on the landing pad every time.

    Landing gear – A three piece system with felt pads on the bottom. Two go on the front legs and one of the clips go on under the rear portion of the Mavic Pro. Raising it gives the gimbal area clearance off the ground.

    iPad Mini 4 – Using the phone is okay but having a bigger screen really helps with accessing all the featues of the DJI Go App. Totally makes it an even more incredible experience.

    MavMount – If you decide to use the iPad Mini 4 the perfect mount is the "MavMount". It is made out of solid metal /aluminum. The adapter mount that I use with it will accommodate my iPad Mini 4 with and Otterbox Defender case on it. And you can mount it in such a way you can still see the display on the controller.

    Insurance – I got DJI Care but also a "Personal Articles" policy through State Farm. DJI Care covers two issues. You have to prove that a issue with the drone caused your accident. It runs $99.00. The "Personal Articles" policy from State Farm covers "Acts of God" like fire, wind, stolen, etc and ran me $75 for the year (my coverage is for $1200). I have heard the claims process is straightforward. The cool thing about the State Farm Insurance is it's not attached to your home owners policy – completely separate. And you don't have to be a State Farm customer. Heard the only state that this is not available in is California.

    Sean if want the links message me or email me at my username on gmail.

  3. I've been using the Phantom 3 standard as my starter drone and just ordered the mavic. I have used it in video for work clients and for church videos

  4. This video is exactly what I needed to see! I am a novice as well who can't wait for my Mavic to arrive. Im starting to get overwhelmed by all the youtube videos out there but its nice to see how easy it is to fly for every skill level! Thanks again!

  5. Hey Sean, thanks for the great video! One thing you may mention in a follow up video about the Mavic, or any other drone, is that, since this channel is geared toward creators that may monetize their work in some way, the FAA does require you to get a commercial license, called a Part 107 license, if you plan on using your drone or its footage to bring in profit, including using the footage in a monetized YouTube video.

    Just thought that would be handy for everyone to know. Thanks again for the awesome content that you provide on this channel! It has really helped me get ready to launch my own channel.

  6. I forgot to put this in my survery moneky. Getting your mind right to do the video. I like the poster in the back. "I like it, what is it" or how to create content. Thanks!! Like how you get your ideas.

  7. To answer question of the day: yes, I have started using drone footages and quite new to it. Started two months ago with a Phantom3 Standard. I agree with the "flying a drone for a beginner can be intimidating" part. Looking at your video and seeing how friendly the features the Mavic are, I can see that it can no longer be intimidating.

  8. i have a question, in your non legal opinion what do you know about the FAA laws in regards to registering your drone. I would like to use my drone footage in my youtube channel but my drone is registered as a hobby not for commercial use with the FAA. Will i have issues when the drone footage is monetized? Basically for this video under what classification was your drone registered with the FAA?

  9. I cant recommend anyone get a drone thats over $200 for their first drone. Before you get into the cinematography aspect of flying youve got to master the basics of flying a drone that doesnt have gps, compass, and auto stabilization. Go on Horizon hobby, they have a great selection and great online staff to help you out, and pick something (I say the blade 180qx is the best starter, but you could go with the 200qx.)


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