Cool Looking Space Ship Folding Arm Camera Drone – Flytec T13 – TheRcSaylors


Buy this drone here – Phone used to fly this drone – I think that if you are interested in flying a Micro Camera Drone, …


  1. Been watching you guys for a while and I gotta say that y'all are great. You've significantly influenced my purchases (my 1st quad was the XS809S because of you) and I couldn't be happier about it. Keep it up!

  2. Hey guy's and Popeye! My opinion of the phone only controlled drones is I hate them. Bluntly said I know. In the rc world to me, Iam old fashioned and if you dont have a tx in your hands, its just not right. There are better ones out there for yhe money. Nice little drone though. (if you dont like to flip). Well done.

  3. As always another great review, but I'll pass. I don't care too much for the phone controlled quads. I just can't get used to them, I keep breaking them in my small little house. If I end up with another phone controlled quad, I'll practice outside before bring it inside.

  4. Hello everyone! I was impressed with the camera quality, but noticed a lot of tilt when hovering in front of your Christmas tree. I also like the folding arms/props, too. Seems like a fun pocket cam-drone for the selfie crowd. Thanks for the great review. Kudos for including both the phone FPV/Controls and the recorded video, in the bottom corners! Take great care! JP

  5. Camera didn’t look too bad for a toy drone. One of the best toy cameras I’ve seen on your channel. Too bad it didn’t come with a transmitter, it would have saved your wall. ⚓️

  6. Definitely the coolest aspect is the body design. The camera quality is surprisingly good. Even though it was flying well with the app in g sensor "tilt mode" I think this would be much more enjoyable with a real transmitter. I was smiling at the beginning when Popeye was watching very intently.

  7. Looks like you could have used some “training wheels” on that one Nate. Oh well a little touch up job isn’t a thing.Paint job looks good though!
    This one is a little to loud for me also,but seemed to fly pretty well, outdoors would probably be in order.
    Dave from OKC⚓️


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