Complete Drone Filter Guide (ND/PL/UV)


Timestamps: UV: 0:56 PL: 2:01 ND: 3:26 Polar Pro: Freewell Gear: – If you plan on buying a DJI product, …


  1. honestly if you are not a production proffessional I would recommend only CPL Polarized filters to try them out. – these darken the sky which looks a bit more cinematic and dramatic as well as reduce glare and reflections. And honestly again for me ND filters are good but for proffessional drones like inspire or phantom4 pro, or Mavic 2 pro in some cases but other than that I dont even seriously need that a bit of a blur of 1/50 or 1/60 of a second. – thats my personal opinion.

  2. I think for a proper comparison, one would have to move your hand at the same speed for each clip..this is clearly not the case in this video. Otherwise nicely put! thanks

  3. Hi. Just discovered your channel. I am enjoying them. They are concise and direct.

    I hesitate to say this but it appears as if you do not have much experience with polarizing filters. There are two types: circular and linear. Their effect changes with the direction of the light source (sun in this case). Generally if the light source is at a 90 degree from the direction the camera is pointing the filter has the most effect while if the light source is straight ahead or directly behind you or directly overhead, they have very little effect other than the 1.5 or so stops it will cost you.

    There should be a lot of info around in the photography forums and videos to help with understanding them. This is where having a good photographer friend with you for about 10 minuets will clarify a lot of confusion. Its not super hard or mysterious but a few good examples really helps.

    A couple photography forums that I find to have a very nice community is The Luminous Landscape and

  4. I bought PolarPro 4, 8 and 16. How often would you be in need for higher numbers? Which type of day? The motion blur with ND 8 and a mostly sunny outdoor looks great.

  5. Superb information, I have all the filters just need an indication of when to use them without finding  out the hard way, filming will be over water with motion (angling with fly) and seeing fish near the surface, also rich colours required for scenery.

  6. Hi Billy.  I am about to purchase a Hubsan X4 PRO 109s Low Edition drone that comes with a Hubsan 1080P camera.  My concern is that I don't know if this camera can take any filters.  It looks similar in size to a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 but will a GoPro filter fit? I am an experienced stills photographer but I'm completely new to videography.  Can you help me please?
    Bill (aka Agent Bertram)


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