Complete Beginners Setup Guide & Drone Flying Tips


For Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro & Mavic 2 Zoom: A quick setup guide on how to Activate, Setup, Update Firmware, Insert SD Card & Learn the basic flying …


  1. Timelines below:
    Just a quick beginner setup guide for the Air, Pro, 2 Pro & Zoom!
    Charging: 0:35
    Memory & Micro SD Card: 1:00
    Register & Go 4 app: 1:44
    Connect Phone / change phone connector: 2:05
    Switch on: 3:05
    Initial Activation and setup screens: 3:38
    Update Firmware: 5:12 **See note below
    Go Fly & Camera Mode: 6:10
    Take off: 8:00
    Basic flying controls: 9:10
    Landing: 10:36

    If you have trouble downloading the firmware updates ("disconnected from network" error) then download "DJI Assistant 2" (link below), install on your PC or Mac, open, connect the drone via its USB lead and then switch on. That will allow you to update the firware directly via your PC or Mac.
    DJI Download page:


  2. One of the things that I struggle with is that a lot of the things the MV2's do is within the software so I would like to think that DJI would add these things to their other drones in time unless of course this is what they use to encourage people to upgrade……………….. Also good deals on the Mavic Air now

  3. IanI know you have not had yours long and I suspect you are off to work today but looking on the DJI forum there seem to be quite a few people having issues and indeed a few that have fallen out of the sky. This happened with the Air but I never had any issues. I wonder if it is perhaps user error (being polite) that causes most of the issues.Also the new mavic looks quite a bit heavier than the Previous and of course a lot heavier than the Air which I slill love and I think does more than I have discoveredLook forward to more of your updates Dennis

  4. Hi Ian – love 'chilled' Mr or Mrs Doggie in the background – like he/she really cares what model of drone you are reviewing – they're all bait to jump up and bite when fired up – given the opportunity!!

    PS. Great video drone channel – subscribed and watch all your great and very informative content – suggest others do the same – 5***

  5. nice video, i have seen that is a lot of people that are not using the new camera properly because it need some focus set up manual to infinite focus etc, theres still a lot to discover in mavic 2

  6. Good video. The only part I would add to that is that it's in beginner mode so will only fly to 100 feet high and a 100 feet away from the new drone flyer. so very little chance of a new user loosing the drone.


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