Cliffside Erosion Palmetto Ave Pacifica Ca.Drone Photography


Cliff side Erosion caused by multiple storms along the Pacifica California coast has endangered small homes on Sharon Way and several small businesses on …


  1. Dave my first comments on this vid were at the end of Jan "2016" and I just received responses to them a few days ago Feb "2017". This is happening with other channels too. I actually commented on a vid with an important and urgent question on a medical issue in June "2014", got the response a few days ago, Feb "2017". Two and a half years! I am under the impression that it has something to do with data-mining. The United Nations runs the web now. Good, bad or ugly, that's the way it is.It was signed over by Mr ZerO in recent months.

  2. Take a look at the 3:10 mark and notice the road about 300 feet back. The entire area between the road and the waters edge should be cleared and sloped from the roadside to the water and rip rapped with large stones to gradually smaller ones about halfway and then sodded the rest of the way. This would put an end to the erosion and make maintenance of 'blowouts' easier to manage and restore after big storms. Failure to do this will result in the 'cliff' continuing to move inward and eventually claim the entire community! I suppose they could leave a buildable area, say 60-80 feet, by the street on the seaward side so the property owners don't lose everything but they better act soon as to what they are going to do!

  3. You can't protect a person who does not have the common sense to NOT build your house on sand. No one can say they were not warned. City planners are the dumbest people in government, how could you possibly blame this on them? Once enough of that garbage on top of the cliffs has piled up maybe it will stop, but no city planner can help a rich person who laughs at the Holy Inspired Scriptures or Solomon.


  4. stupid to have built there in the first place. the boats had a better view of the ocean than most of the people did. ridiculous!!! they have known for a while that this erosion was occurring and the sea levels are rising and yet nothing was done until it is too late to prevent the erosion. lmao

  5. I worked on the construction of the RV park shown in the video, (4:00) some 25+ yrs ago. I used to sit on the cliff edge at lunch and watch the pelicans and the occasional whale. The cliff edge has crept back about 35 feet since then, if memory serves.
    The cliffs were eroding back then and everyone knew it. They're just compacted sand! Global climate change bringing higher sea levels and more violent storms and the Pacific Ocean will eat every structure seen in the video in ten years. Maybe less.

  6. Great video, thanks. I have been surfing opposite those falling appartements in pacifica for years and never even knew there were houses further down there behind those places of business.

  7. Give them all tickets for polluting, 2 buildings at 4:30 with all those junk tires, wtf, you just going to let them fall in the ocean, at least wont be there for mosquitoes and zika virus. You are all a bunch of assholes for building there. Hopefully I can be forgiven.

  8. Nature will only put up with so much abuse, then nature removes the abusers. cliff are falling taking homes, businesses, and eventually people will be next and final straw the the camel will leave. People need to move away from the cliffs and western seaboard to inland area before they too fall with the cliffs for not listening to nature telling us all, time to change or else. But these are only my opinions and so many others as well. Get out before it's all gone and takes you with it. I myself would have taken off long ago, and I'm in a wheelchair. What do we do with people who abuse others? We get rid of them. Nature is doing the same. We've abused her far too long she's trying to get rid of us now before it's too late to naturally take care of herself…


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