Chroma 4K Camera Drone Review Part 1, 4K Quadcopter With Amazing Video


Chroma Camera Drone Review Today we review the incredible Chroma 4K Camera Drone. This quadcopter has incredible stability and takes amazing aerial photagraphy. Please…


  1. Great Video guys. I've been into Quads for a year and a half and now own 8 of them. First was the QX2 AP Combo W/Cgo1 and flew that for 9 months before it started acting squirrely and Horizon Hobby replaced it with a QX3 at no charge. Have several smaller Symas and UDI's along with an SK450 and an FPV EMAX Nighthawk 280. Just purchased a Chroma 4K and I'm dying to fly it once it arrives. I appreciate the tutorial on this Chroma very much. Keep up the good work with the remarkable footage. Keep your props spinning!

  2. i have read ALOT of neg press on the yuneec on its cameras and service is all but impossible to get ahold of. my friend got one the camera out of the box was def. when he finally got ahold of the service they said a replacement would be sent that day a month later still no camera nor he cant get thru. the quad itself has been wonderful.

  3. Pro Tip: When filming a lengthy close-up of a subject, such as a Tx, a wobbling camera + a wobbling subject = literal nausea in the viewer. One or the other really, really needs to be immobile.

  4. These are great. I know they are used for many other reasons but what I love about these drones is we can watch over our farm and livestock from the deck instead of having to make the rounds on the 4wheeler ! Also great for catching trespassers !

  5. Has anyone experienced a fly away yet With Chroma Drone ? I had the problem the 6 sept 2015. Quebec, Canada. Sunny day with very mild wind 5 miles / hour. Was in smart mode. 14 GPS signal. ± 80 feet into the air and 150 feet away from me and the chroma drone started acting and didn't respond to transmitter and started flew away. I've used the HOME button and when it was near me used the Angle button to control it ( since it was going to land on my neighbor’s home instead of point of origin. I was really lucky to get it back …


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