Cheerson CX-33S FPV Drone Flight Test Review


This 5.8Ghz FPV flier is cool and unique! Is it a hexacopter or tricopter? Extremely stable and easy to fly, its altitude hold feature is a perfect addition to its FPV …


  1. I've been through a few of these little fellas over the years, and yes, motor burnout is most definitely an issue for this particular hexcopter. Every one I've had lasted just a matter of weeks at most, so I've had to quit purchasing them. 🙁

    Re: extending the balance port to the outside of the fuselage — I've done that to all of mine. Sometimes with a knife, other times with a soldering iron. It really does make it easier for battery charging, and I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND this mod to all CX-33C owners!!! 🙂

  2. your too cool quadcopter nice video flight time wasn't too long but brand new batteries r not to full potential till after 2 or 3 charges maybe you'll hang longer in a couple of more flights cool video

  3. The one touch take off button is dead on arrival. That says a lot about the quality. Getting refund or any sort of customer service is impossible. It's the chance we all have to take.

  4. It's a Y6, not unique, they've been around for years and the configuration is catered for in many flight controllers
    The benefit is that the extra motors mean there's mor lift/power and no need for a rudder/yaw servo like on a tricopter, the 3 arm configuration like on a tricopter makes it easier to keep the props out of view of a camera

  5. I have been flying this for a while, no motor problems, but it has a few negatives 1) the screen has no sun vizier 2) screen should have had a lipo, it eats batterys, I have installed a lipo. 3) It has a so called telematry for the Quad lipo ( the little green battery image at the right top corner) it does not work 4) cannot make photo's  5) non excisting LBC  6)  a bad quality camera, not good video at all, I have cheaper quads with better cams,  So in my opinion do not buy this, it is not worth the $100  although it is cool looking

  6. I love watching your channel but I gotta call you out that is indeed a TRICOPTER with 6 blades ultra stable, Im gonna have to get one after I get a decent FPV Racer I like, Im working on becoming the first certified Drone mechanic in Omaha……..working with Parrot currently, btw here is the link at gearbest for those who want one for about $90 Cheerson CX – 33S 5.8G FPV RC Tricopter – WHITE 157302601
    CX-33S 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Gyro / 1.0MP HD Camera / LED Light / High Hold Mode /One Key to Return I did notice this one was a 5.8 GHZ!

  7. Just received my cx33s today, it seems an update has been made, the camera cable has had a bit of extra length added, a few millimeters, but enough for the camera door to be open without unplugging it

  8. Great Video. I watched this before making my purchase decision.I just received my CX-33C yesterday, and took it for it's maiden voyage inside the warehouse at work today. It appears to fly and hold position as stated, however, I had a only 2-3 minute battery life on a full charge with no camera use and no prop guards installed. Bummer.  I have seen other complaints online about this new battery issue as well. Going to ask if Banggood will offer to replace the battery.Update: No go with Banggood. Gave me the brush off and closed chat box on me, as all these various Chinese sellers do.Ordered two new batteries myself. My only complaint is with seller, not the fault of CX-33C!

  9. Hi man. I need a copter with good fpv and control range, maybe 150 meters (no lost signal) or more and good flight time too. Which is the best of this list? Cheerson cx-33s, Jxd 509g or Wltoys q212g? And why?


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