CHEERSON CX-10C Review – Worlds Smallest Camera QuadCopter Drone [Setup, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]


Here’s and in-depth review of the Cheerson CX-10C available here: The CX-10C seems like a great little Nano quad with video and picture …


  1. I got one for Christmas, battery not,great, but it's expected for a small drone. I got used to it fast, now I'm a good flyer. My friend broke the props and I had no more. I'm heading to get new ones tomorrow. Overall fun and easy to fly. Nice video btw.

  2. I can not get mine to record video. Hit the record button after pairing and it starts blinking. Fly around for a bit and then hit the record button again and it stops blinking blue. Take out the sd card and insert into computer card has nothing on it. It does record stuff on other cameras. anyone else having problems with this?

  3. I'm get one for Xmas, looks like a but of fun. Three to four minutes of flight maybe short with a 40 minutes recharge isn't too bad, you say you wish for a bigger battery to get more flight time, then really you be looking at a slightly big quad. This quad is about being small bigger battery would mean bigger quad.
    The video doesn't look to bad and I'm wondering if you used video stabilizing software you could make a pretty good video to show on a smart phone ?

  4. Damn wish I could control mine that well. Mine won't keep a comfortable altitude for anything, always wants to climb too much or drop. Not until the battery gets low does it start to behave predictably. I just bought one without the camera for $10 to play with, hoping it'll do better.

  5. I liked this quad and I feel the camera works great and the video quality is amazing. However, mine has the same amplified drift issue as the orange one you reviewed. Mine is orange also. My quad starts out with a slight drift backwards left. After about 30 seconds of flying and a few turns the drift gets so bad you cannot counteract it even with full forward throttle in rate 3. Calibrating the gyro only gives me another 30 seconds of flying. So overall iI am disappointment.

  6. Can I have one lol Nice reviews as always Dustin, I am really getting a lot out of yours, QC101, RC addict, Flyin Ryan's and a few others vids. You guys are great! Very helpful on saving money when shopping for these. Purchased (3) so far only received the X5C-1 and really enjoying it. Have X600, and V686g in route. Even with the shorter flight time i still think it's really cool to have the cam, I'm sure we will see FPV version down the road as tech gets better.

  7. Great review, Dustin. I've found with these nano quads, it's best to fly them at dusk when you can see the lights. During the day, they disappear into the sky in a heartbeat. My first one went out of sight and crashed hard on it's first flight. While the cost on these are low, I don't think they make the best beginner quads. The flight times are short and as you showed in your video, they are hard to get to hover properly. I can see many people getting frustrated in a few flights and not continuing in the sport. They do however, make great demonstration machines that you can take to work to show people how drones actually work.

  8. Nice video, Dustin. I'm enjoying my CX-10C. It's fun to see what tight spaces you can fly it through and then check your footage after. I had some issues figuring out the video codec, but once I got it figured out it's a non-issue now. Happy flying!

  9. Pretty decent video for a nano. I don't even get 5 min flights with my X12S, which has no camera. Thanks for the review … excellent as usual. Liked your Halloween decorations! Cheers!

  10. Its just a novelty and mine with recording, flight time is 2.30 minutes, but charge time is very short 15minutes.Video is good and  no jello, its not Hd but VGA so a lot of video on small card. I do think they should include SD card


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