Can a 4” DRONE STAND UP TO the 5” MONSTERS? GT2 175 REVIEW + flight fpv racing drone review


Gt2 175 review. The diatone gt2 175 review is a 4 inch fpv racing drone that packs all the top level fpv racing gear found in its bigger brother the diatone gt2 200 …


  1. Great video as always! What battery would you use on this size of quad?
    I'm asking this because I've got a bunch of 1500mah 3S and 4S that I use on my vortex pro, would they be ok or too big?

  2. I have got a GT 2 and have connected all the wires and pluged in a receiver to the drone and binded it with the controller… nothing happens when I move the sticks on the controller. what am i doing wrong and how do I get it to work.

  3. I'm trying so hard to get into the racing component of mutlirotors but for my current situation it's far too expensive for the time being. I love watching you fly, you're a great pilot and I just found your channel about 30 minutes ago. I hope one day to get some decent equipment and start working on flying to the level you do!

  4. hey stu, can the components in this handle 5s? one of my favorite quads right now is my 5s 4" quad. With the motors being bigger with 2300kv and the escs with that amp rating, it would be a perfect 5s quad!

  5. "Gopro's make your quads faster"-Uavfutures "This thing is a powerhouse, look if you take the gopro off it is even faster and it really excels, but even with the gopro on…"-Uavfutures .
    UAVfutures please explain how this makes sense???!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!


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