Camera Straps Obsolete? Real Estate Photography for Beginners


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  1. I still use my big heavy Canon 5D II, so I keep a wrist strap on it. I do interiors on a tripod, but exteriors mostly handheld. I like the wrist strap so I don't have to keep a death grip on the camera as I climb around taking the exterior shots. The wrist strap makes it comfortable to carry the camera with my hand in a normal walking position, not attracting as much attention, which can be handy when getting those association common area photos without making people nervous.

  2. Hi mate, long time no hear.I agree I am thinking of ditching my Canon straps as they are annoying for my real estate work as i have to ensure the straps drop down in front over the tripod every time. Also when in the field when covering horse events I wear an orange vest for visibility and the strap material tends to get itself hooked onto the velcro of my vest , very annoying and have missed shots from this.

  3. Who uses a LUMIX anymore? It’s DSLR or cellphone for me, and cell phones are surpassing compact camera quality in a lot of cases now. If I’m using my DSLR then it’s an across the body Black Rapid strap, as it’s much more comfortable than a neck strap (and more secure too). As it attaches to the tripod mount I HAVE to take it off when shooting with tripod so that solves that problem.

    But man, please don’t tell people not to use camera straps. That’s just irresponsible.

  4. Points well made – Thanks.
    Your observations are of course correct about neck straps, but I am a little fidgety (accident prone?) plus tend to use my other hand to lift and move things, get something out of my pocket etc, while holding the camera. Personally, I do use a fairly short "wrist" type strap for day to day real estate work, though. It adds some security in just walking around holding the camera itself but with my hand and wrist passed through a loop without stress, it doesn't get in the way, AND has a quick disconnect if needed. I'd be sick – not to mention financially hurt – if I dropped it. We love your videos!

  5. Yes all of these things were problems until I got into the peak design strap system.
    Don’t be a tight ass and get yourself one of their straps with quick release. I always use the strap when I’m scouting real estate shots and then unclip it when I put it on my tripod. It takes 2 seconds.
    Also there’s no way I carry around my 5dmk iv with 70-200 or 85 1.2 which is pretty heavy during a portrait shoot and have no strap.
    Your example is so specific to cameras that have inbuilt stabilisation that it’s kind of not good general advice. There is no doubt that a a good strap system is a pleasure to use and will save you so much potential money from damaged gear.

  6. I actually left out one of my bullet points: with a strap you are far more likely for it to get caught on the corner of a table or something and your camera falling to the ground! So, the straps can really work agaist you.


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