Camera drone in London


Camera drone in London, first test flight with onboard HD camera. Reached 150 metres over the London skyline. Next camera drone video will be using the …


  1. Great Drone footage James , keep it up

    And ignore these brain dead leftards trying to tell us what's right and wrong in life

    You're only here a very short time once,

    So Bloody enjoy it ;)………………………………………

  2. Im not entirely a good boy drone pilot either a look at recent vids on my channel confirm this but puttin it up that yu went a 150 meters up in london in a hirta zone ( high intensity radio traffic area) dude they could slam ur ass in jail the vids ok just the text without the text they would have to be height and distance trained to work out ur real height the vids on my channel were shot in redhill go see that place


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