Call Of Duty Dragonfly Drone: Review & Unboxing


Review of the COD Dragonfly Drone and intro into the basics of using the drone.


  1. I seen this at Wal-Mart in Owasso Oklahoma, I live in Oologah Oklahoma, and I am working to save up for it, so my question is, is it actually worth it?, how reliable is it?, and thank you for your service

  2. ok so i bought this im 12 its really good but the battery life is decent although it takes a while to charge, one problem i ran into is that the usb charging cable overheated and it almost caught fire, but i used a cube for my phone, do not use the cube for your phone thats the problem i ran into and now i need to bring it back so yea thats a problem with it

  3. They only fly like 8-10 minutes. And like shit in the wind. Mine flew away the first time i took it outside. Finally found it and did it again. Fucking junk. Dont buy it. If you want a cheap drone, buy the skydrone super x from kmart. Alot bigger and only 80 bucks.


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