C-Fly DREAM – Selfie Portable Camera Drone Under $300 2 Axis Gimbal – TheRcSaylors


Buy it here: The C-Fly Dream is a new Selfie Drone on the market designed to be very portable so you can take it wherever you go!


  1. Hi. I have been following this video since it came out. Actually it made me buy the dream. I have been flying it for a while now. What I have observed lately on videos posted it looks like the camera quality has changed especially on the new version. I call it new version because it uses a slightly different remote controller. It it also called jjrc x9 5g. Can you please look it up and confirm. The jjrc x9 5g price is also low. Less than $200.

  2. I do not know where to ask that. So I'm going to try to do it here. I looking for a gps drone for semi-pro footages (low budget. Can't do a Yuneec Breeze or a dji spark). So… JJRC JJPRO X5 5G, MJX Bugs 5W or c-fly dream? (or another one?)

  3. It will be a cold day in hell if a company knocks dji off its throne. The company would literally have to cut its r &d budget in half for this to happen. Even then, it would most likely be years before everyone caught up.

  4. I don't know where the you people know this or not out there that DJI is overpriced for what you get. This would work for most 75% of you out there. DJI is not the best drone on the market I'm tired of hearing about DJ I shouldn't be copied yes it should be copied. Why because DJI is copying other drones on the market for 2018 so why shouldn't they be copy. They they copied parent zoo video. Plus a lot of you guys don't know that that ain't the same flight control board I was using before they're using another company flight control boards. here's why we should have the right to have more drones out here to choose from at a lower cost. I can prove that they are drones on the market today that's coming out in 2018 and 2019 that probably will be better than DJI. And not everybody can afford to buy DJI again it's overpriced everybody thinks they're so great built but let me tell you a little secret. They crashed just like all the other drones and people never report this on here should be more people telling the truth about DJI. The option of flow will not go around trees it does not work in a lot of areas and it will not avoid a lot of objects. I'm going to be testing a new Quad drone on the market. It has not many videos at this time. But it will come available after the 16th of this month. I purchased one along with a few other people. Let's see if this will be the Maverick not a hundred percent sure but I'm going to see I think. That some guys some gentleman some women and some folks who cannot afford to give $1,500 or a thousand bucks for a quadcopter. I think it's a great thing that we have competitors out here that are building cheaper and good operating quadcopters. But you videos we're good. and I appreciate them but I'll tell you I will not buy DJI products no more. Pure speculation on my part. If you can afford a DJI I it's a great little flying quadcopter or as you call it drones. But some of the cheaper ones that cost less or pretty darn close. I don't make movies I'm not going out and trying to get a 107 that do commercial film I don't need the best camera on one just a decent camera. Again thank you so much for the great videos you put out. And you know because you had a problem with your expire 1 when you got it it never worked correctly. Did DJI repair your Inspire.

  5. I scoured the internet for self leveling gimbaled drones, and they are rare. Makes a huge difference in video quality that you can’t get with electronic stabilization. That makes this a standout, DJI aside. Hopefully, manufacturers will take notice.

    Also, not sure if I missed it, but I think these come in different colors.

    Lastly, I love you guys. Keep up the great work.


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