C-Fly Dream Portable Brushless Travel Drone with Gimbal Flight Test Review


This brushless GPS camera drone is designed for maximum portability and is reasonably priced for its included features. Find it here Pros …


  1. hey, nice video, I already bought this drone,
    i have a question… Every single time I set up my drone and its ready to fly in my phone always appears "throttle failsafe"
    and the drone never recognize the SD card, so any help around here?

  2. I have problems with connect with the phone, the first you see is connected very fast caliber and fly but no longer be a connected and blown but with pure control and video not save it is not happens if my phone or is another type of problem I have a Samsung s8.

  3. It seems like C-Fly has done better with their Wifi FPV system than must toy quad makers. You got decent range with no break-up. But with the real DJI Spark now going for $399 at Best Buy with controller, I'm not sure by the Dream at $249 is a good deal. It might have been when the Spark was $699. They arrived late to the party with the Dream. Good review.

  4. Outstanding video recording! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to notice this style of content. We make Travel & Food videos too, everywhere around the world, and so we are habitually seeking out inspirations and so good ideas. Thank You.

  5. I returned this drone twice!..it was a piece of crap with nothing but issue after issue!…my advice to anyone wanting to buy this is DONT!!..run away from it as fast as you can and get something else!….awesome vid as usual quadcopter 101

  6. Finally the little brother of the Obtain CFly, which were a copy of Mavic Pro i bought after seeing your video.
    Now, i have a real Spark, and i can say that the camera of the Dream is probably the same in the Obtain, sadly…

  7. It seems a bit better than the Obtain but the conflict between the app and the controller is a problem. The camera itself is quite good but the vibrations from limitations of the 2 axis gimbal combined with the fairly low FPS does give it a mild form of jello but compared with some it isn't that bad. Not cinematic but usable.
    Range is good with the wifi on your phone but your phone tends to be good with 5gig wifi. It will be interesting to see if that range is consistent with other phones (I suspect it will from the few reviews I've seen so far)
    The bells and whistles on the app may work better when using the phone as the controller but they aren't all that bad now.
    I'm not sure the pricing is right with the minor glitches it shows but it isn't exorbitantly high.
    I'm not sure I'd buy one yet. I'd wait for further development.
    But the review thus far is excellent. I shall watch the follow ups with interest

  8. Quite a bit jello there, price diff. is not that much either and spark price seems to be dropping a bit. Yuneec breeze 4k was selling for $150 in walmart with its EIS looks like a better option


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