BvS Crete Behind the Scenes & WE FOUND FREDDO!!!


We Found the Drone!!! On the last evening of the BvS Crete Workshop the crew went to Freddo’s Resting Place for our final landscape photography session.


  1. How about that soundtrack!?! The Freddo drone saga continues. Hopefully he’ll get fixed up at the drone doctor soon enough. In the mean time this is a nice look into the BvS Crete Photography Workshop. What do you think? Shout out to all the awesome participants. Wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thanks again for the great long weekend!! Also huge thanks again to Lottie Watersports Crete for the BOAT Recovery

  2. Great vid Greg, subbed to you and BvS, You 2 and T-Heat are the dogs mate. keep um coming. would love to see a vid of you and BvS coming over here (UK) to the "Heatmiesters" turf !!.
    To the one thumbs down, holy sht dude ….They saved Freddo" give your head a wobble eh.

  3. Hahahaha sooooo good my friend ! I have been silently following you and BVS for quite some time now and really enjoyed this happy ending.
    If you guys need some more video coverage in France hit me up ! Cheers Greg


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