Buying a DJI phantom drone in China



  1. I bought one of those white ones at the end of the video, it was a piece of junk. Mine had a controller though. It would fly great without the camera, but as soon as you turned the camera on it would die in 2 minutes. Now I have a mavic 2 and a spark. You can buy tons of toy drones to find a good one, or spend a little money and have fun with it.

  2. hola seria bno que la tiendas oficiales que hay en todas partes del mundo les haga una sugerencia a Dji que en sus actualizaciones seria bno que incrementen el idioma español, porque no lo trae, es un poco complicado para las personas que no hablamos ese idioma y se nos dificultad. gracias.

  3. dji just ripped me off for $89.00. The cost of that charger. The one I bought didn't work and no one at dji cares. The worst customer service I've ever experienced. My advise is never never buy from dji. They just don't care and in fact they treat you like dirt. dji is the worst company I've ever dealt with. They do not stand behind their products. If you buy from them and your stuff comes and works great. But if it come and something is wrong too bad there is nothing that you can do…..they just don't care.
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  4. I'm from Australia and have purchased a PH3 Advanced & a Mavic from these guy's and have had no problems, great company, and the girl in the blue shorts has become a good friend.


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