BUILDING MY FIRST BASE | No Man’s Sky | Let’s Play Gameplay | S02E04


Today we build our first base, a blueprint analyzer and look at a teleporter! Watch more No Man’s Sky (Current Playlist/Season)▻ [To …


  1. In the space station there is a chance when you first talk to someone they will want to trade multi tools
    Also in the space station on the side with the three vendors at the right end vendor when you approach a thing will fold down and you can buy the multi tool hanging there

  2. What's the point in building a base if the point of the game is to get to the center I mean why build something your not gonna see again I understand it's for storage use and everything but what else plz answer I wanna like this game just having a hard time starting

  3. While I'm thinking about it, when you get your freighter, if you ever get attacked your freighter will go into red alert and get locked down untill the hostiles are delt with. If it doesn't come out of lock down after just re-call it like you do when you call your starship. It will fix it

  4. Have you figured out how to get your first freighter yet? Got mine this morning, 32 slots plus I can build rooms and actual storage on it. Supper nice, and all for free buddy!!

  5. A couple tips, Kage.
    1. When you get Exosuit Upgrades, you have 3 places you can put them in your suit. The first is General Storage, which includes stuff like your Life Support module. The second is Cargo (also called High-Capacity Storage,) each slot here stores twice the materials compared to General Storage. Last is Technology… dunno what all goes in there, haven't taken a look yet.

    2. Whether on a frozen planet or a toxic rock in the middle of nowhere, caves are your best friend for surviving if you don't have the needed materials to keep your Hazard Protection charged.

  6. The Portable Refiner is your best friend in this update. Instead of using Carbon (C) to recharge your tech. Use the refiner to process it into Condensed Carbon (C+). Likewise for the Terrian Manipulator, use the Refiner to process Ferrite dust (Fe) into Pure Ferrite (Fe+). Then, either use that to recharge it or you can refine Fe+ into Magnetized Ferrite (Fe++). Fe++ is better fuel than the other ferrites. Fe+ is also used to build base structures like the Large Cylindrical and Cuboid Rooms, doors, and ladders. Carbon is used for simpler base components such as paving, fences, and supports. Also don't forget to always check the Space Station for new blueprints, upgrades, and technologies. Especially inventory slot upgrades. Exosuit High Capacity Slots (Cargo Slots) can help you carry more of the common materials like Carbon, Ferrite Dust, Pure Ferrite, Magnetized Ferrite and Chromatic Metal. I'll make sure to keep the tips coming on this series since I play this game alot and it's almost painful to see a noob like you play lol jk.

  7. * MULTI-TOOL – You can upgrade it's technology with "upgrade modules" for sale at space stations, or if you have a blueprint you can "install new technology" in a technology slot. You can get more slots in your tool by checking the multi-tools you find on walls in stations, and some Vy-Keen NPC's will offer you a new one, and the little outposts you find with 1 landing pad and 2 aliens inside have them on the wall for sale too. Compare it to your current tool to make sure it's better 1st though. If it's better it should cost credits to trade your old one in. If it's "0credits" to trade in yours is better already. Some models will boost attributes, check the class letter "S" is highest, then "A" through "C" with "C" being the lowest class. You probably won't find a class "S" anytime soon though. Same goes for ships, number of slots is the biggest upgrade, talk to every ship that looks cool and offer to buy if it has more slots.

  8. Name for the animal you scanned that has sensors in its feet… Latin for nose: pes. Latin for foot: nasus.  Animal is big, so we add saurus to the end.  Final name: Pesnasusaurus.  Enjoy.

  9. You should definitely build a base on the snow planet and you should rename and upload the planet as Hoth, if you don't plan on renaming anything you discover you should upload it as it gives you nanites, you do that by hovering over the discovery and pressing E, also the ship launch thrusters use 25% each time you use them

  10. You were asking in your last video if there was an easy way to know if you scanned something, when you look at rocks, trees, plants etc…if it has a ??? or unidentified in the discription when you look at it normally and not through your scanner you haven't scanned it yet and you get credits, with animals when you look at them through you analysis visor if they have a red dot they haven't been scanned if they have a green dot they have. Also a little tip when your in the caves and those green gas plants are there just take your terrain manipulator and hit the ground right beside them and it will get rid of them and save you constant poison damage. You pick up your refinery it automatically takes whatever you put in for fuel out and puts it back in your inventory. To get rid of stuff and create land that's what the terrain manipulator is for its probably the one thing (of many) very important things you really need as soon as possible you should be already able to make it just go to your multi-tool and install tech and bam instant world creation tool and destroyer. I could go on and on with tips since I've played this game religiously since launch but, its fun watching you discover the awe and amazement that is No Mans Sky.


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