Building a Cheap Quadcopter At Home (1) – Lift Off


In this video I try to build a basic platform for a quadcopter with salvaged motors from small axial fans and some other household items. These (like all PC-Fans) …


  1. These fan motors won't do anything good for quad copters as they can't be controlled individually. You'll need to learn more how quadcopters work in principal before putting up things like this.

  2. nice but 1st question that comes to my mind is how can you power those motors with this amount of power in the air , there is no small portable 20 Volt battery and if you use a 9V battery with a power up converter is the weight gonna be ok ? Im so curious about what you'll come up with, keep up the good work

  3. I tried making a quad myself a while back, it used 4 peace of crap 3 volt dc DVD drive motors, that i connected to a 17 volt
    outlet power system. And the result, it never got off the ground. That was just for testing and a fun project.

  4. People have ran fans like these before while "hacking" their PSUs to run them at 24VDC to get extra air-flow at the cost of much greater noise (connecting one of the +12V rails to positive lead the fan and the -12V rail to the negative lead of the fan). I've tried it myself in the past, they seem to hold up okay. Worse-case scenario, the electronics might be the weak link, and the stators themselves might be able to take a lot more abuse.


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